Farmer Wants A Wife fans slam 'cringe' date: 'Couldn't watch'

Fans were left cringing at Farmer Joe's 'awkward' date with Claire.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Farmer Joe in the bath
Farmer Wants A Wife fans have slammed Claire and Farmer Joe over their 'cringe' bathtub date. Photo: Seven

Sunday night's episode of Farmer Wants A Wife saw the four remaining farmers and newcomer Farmer Todd go camping with their chosen ladies, and with a 24-hour date on the line, some of the ladies upped the ante in an attempt to win that coveted solo time.

Farmer Joe's first 24-hour date pick at the beginning of the season, Claire, has felt that she's faded to the back of his mind and wanted to remind him she was still there and keen to spend more time together.


"I saw the bathtub near our tent, so yeah, I just wanted to set up a little spot for us to share some time together," Claire tells the cameras.

"It's obviously very out of my comfort zone," she told Joe, who was impressed by her bravery – sadly, the audience wasn't so much.

While the pair enjoyed each other's company (and a cheeky kiss), fans took to Facebook to share their thoughts on the date.

Farmer Joe and Claire kiss in the bath on Farmer Wants A Wife
Farmer Joe and Claire enjoying a kiss in the bath. Photo: Seven

"To me that date thing that Claire planned for Joe fell flat, I honestly don't think he's feeling it for any of the women," one user wrote.

"I couldn’t watch the bath, just a bunch of giggling, it was so cringe..." another said.

"I know, I felt awkward for watching haha, not even a conversation going," a third said.


"It was too much like his previous date after the painting etc," someone else said, referencing his date with Keely, where they ended up in the bath together. "You have to give her something for trying, though."

"No, he is not feeling it with any of them but well and truly enjoying the game!" another suggested.

"Yes it was so cringeworthy it was hard to watch," one user added.

Others weren't mad that Joe took his shirt off, however, with one fan writing, "Best part is Joe with his shirt off!"

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