Farmer Wants A Wife fans notice detail that may confirm major theory: 'No chemistry'

It comes after sources told us Farmer Bert is "the next farmer to leave".

Farmer Wants A Wife fans believe one detail from Monday night's episode might confirm that a farmer leaves the show without a relationship.

Earlier this week, Yahoo Lifestyle revealed that Farmer Bert is "the next farmer to leave" and "not because he finds a match like Farmer Dean did with Teegan".

Farmer Wants A Wife star Farmer Bert
Farmer Wants A Wife fans believe one detail may confirm that Farmer Bert leaves the show without a relationship. Photo: Seven

Insiders revealed Yahoo Lifestyle that Bert "was done being a puppet for the producers on his farm," who continued to push him and the ladies into creating drama.

"Farmer Bert was really sweet and it was sad to see him being treated like a prop. These two male producers had come from filming FBoy Island and obviously wanted conflict," the insider says, adding this was not what Bert signed up for.


"He actually felt uncomfortable with his producers and their suggestions on how to handle the remaining women," the source said, claiming this was the reason he left. "He no longer felt like he could go on and pretend just for the show."

It was revealed that what was happening on Bert's farm was worlds away from the other farms, and it was "like they were filming a different show".

Knowing this, many fans are speculating that it must be true because the pineapple farmer looked quite bored during his 24-hour date with Caitlin Crank, who is the second most likely option according to betting sites for Bert to choose at the end, with him leaving by himself being the most likely option.

Farmer Bert and Caitlin on the beach
Fans thought Bert seemed disinterested in his date with Caitlin. Photo: Seven

"Ummm was it just me or Bert was not at all interested in their date," one Facebook fan said of the farmer's 24-hour date with Caitlin.

"Bert either has chosen just one lady and is going through the motions or is regretting going on the show, in my opinion," one user responded.

"I think he is very interested in her – he is just shy that's all," another hit back, with a third agreeing, "I think he's just fairly reserved."

"No chemistry at all was painful to watch," someone else added.

During the date, it was clear that Caitlin wanted to learn more about Bert and his plans for the future.

Speaking to the cameras, Caitlin said that while she thought it was important to build a friendship with Bert, she wanted to "dig deeper" because she felt he was a bit "closed off".

When she asked him if there was anything he'd like to talk to her about, he said, "Not particularly, I actually just wanted to hang out, pretty casual I suppose."

"Where do you see yourself in, like, a year's time from now?" she then asked, trying to 'dig deeper' as she mentioned.

Farmer Bert and Caitlin
During the date, it was clear that Caitlin wanted to learn more about Bert and what he wanted for his future, but we're not sure she got that. Photo: Seven

"Probably flat out, planting pineapples," he said with a laugh, not giving much away about where he sees their relationship going.

Bert is heard telling the cameras that he got hurt during his last relationship and "probably put some walls up" as a result.

Later in the date, Caitlin says that she's had "so much fun" with Bert, but it feels like either we aren't seeing that due to editing (which could be highly likely, let's be honest), or she's kidding herself.

Bert tells her he's "probably not the biggest talker in the world, but it means more to me just getting to spend that time to get to know someone".


"I do struggle to talk about my emotions on the best of days," Bert tells the camera. "She does have a really comforting energy to her and that obviously relaxes me and helps me to be a little bit more vulnerable, I suppose. So I definitely really enjoy that about her."

However, the pair did finish positively, with Bert saying the things he likes about her and sharing a kiss, leaving Caitlin to tell the cameras she's "over the moon" with how the date went.

Fans weren't so convinced, with one user writing, "He doesn't want any of them. He ends up not picking anyone supposedly."

"He shows no interest in anyone," another said. "Not sure if that's the case or he is just closed off to his emotions."

"He’s very closed off and just going through the motions with everyone," a third said. "I think he knows going on the show was a mistake but is trying to see it out. I’m sure he’s going to pull the pin."

"Bert does not appear interested in any of the girls...he is either painfully shy or has an interest elsewhere," someone said. "So awkward to watch."

Watch Farmer Bert and Farmer Dustin drop hints Bert leaves without choosing someone below:

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