This extreme cut-out detail is the most risqué trend yet

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A bit of extreme fashion is part and parcel of the world we live in.

Have a scroll through Instagram on any day of the week and you will be guaranteed a glimpse of the good, bad and ugly of current fashion trends that seem to get more outrageous with every year that passes.

Cross Body cut out trend PLT
Move over underboob, there's a new risqué trend in town – the cross-body cut out. Photo: Fashion Nova

The latest look that has us turning our heads, and giving them a scratch, however, may just take the cake for the most out-there trend we’ve come across so far.

The crossbody cut out is an extreme cut out neckline that can only be described as a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.


Cropping up on popular online retailers from Pretty Little Thing to Fashion Nova, the new neckline cut dramatically from one shoulder to the armpit or even the opposite ribcage, leaving the chest exposed in a sexy, but very risky, fashion statement.

Fashion Nova Cut Me In One Shoulder Mini Dress
The fashion-forward look is as risky as it is sexy. Photo: Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is leading the trend with their ‘Cut Me In One Shoulder Mini Dress’ that is a huge hit online, attracting hundreds of admiring comments.

“Stunning,” one woman described the daring look.

“Need this,” another declared.

Not to be outdone, Pretty Little Thing has also dipped their toe in the cross-body cut out, with a bodysuit that’s is as eye-popping as they come.

Pretty little Thing Slinky Bardot Cut Out Bodysuit
The look also comes in a bodysuit if you're feeling brave. Photo: Pretty Little Thing

The ‘Slinky Bardot Cut Out Bodysuit’ offers a similarly dramatic, but slightly more conservative cut, featuring full-length sleeves and a shoulder-to-armpit slash across the chest that gives the look a flirty edge without the full-blown exposure of Fashion Nova’s version.

They have also taken it to the pool, with a swimsuit take on the trend that leaves very little to the imagination.

Pretty Little Thing Hot Pink Minimal Ring Cut Out Swimsuit cross body cut out
When it comes to swimmers, the cut out gets even bigger, with wearers not advised to take to the waves in this eye-popping number. Photo: Pretty Little Thing

Their Hot Pink Minimal Ring Cut Out Swimsuit is as open-plan as the name suggests, with a dramatic full chest cut out leaving us unsure how we the flimsy look would fare at the beach.

It’s not the first time the online retailers have well and truly pushed the fashion envelope.

Extreme ‘office wear’ shocks

underboob office shirt
The entire ensemble is a sight to behold. Photo: Pretty Little Thing

Last week, a very risqué take on ‘office wear’ left shoppers shocked.

Modelled by bikini and fashion model Sofia Jamora, the Blue Woven Collared Curved Underbust Cropped Shirt is as confusing a contraption as it’s lengthy and descriptive name suggests, but it’s currently on sale for $11 at a whopping 80%.

From collar-bone up the shirt appears to be a run of the mill dress shirt for ladies.

From there down, however, things get... interesting.

Held together in the centre by a single button and thread, the shirt haphazardly sits atop the chest, it’s curved hemline flirting with a wardrobe malfunction and giving the wearer some generous underboob.. sorry underbust.

Paired with a smart black business skirt, the entire look is at once wildly inappropriate for the office, and yet seems to be suited to no other possible setting.

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