Woman's 'underboob' dress fail goes viral

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A woman has shared a hilarious fashion fail online, after buying a $10 ‘underboob’ bodycon dress from popular online retailer PrettyLittleThing.

Amy Kerr took to her Twitter to post a snap of the black dress, which was supposed to be cut out right in the middle, to show off the wearer’s midriff.

Woman's PrettyLittleThing fashion fail
Amy Kerr's fashion fail has gone viral. Photo: Twitter/aamykerr

However, after trying it on, Amy soon realised the dress didn’t cover anything at all and decided to share a snap of it online.

“PLT dresses are smart like,” she captioned the photo back in May.


Amy later revealed she even bought three dress sizes up from her usual as she knew the retailer often had a smaller make.

“Even before I had boobs this wouldn’t have covered my nipples. Their sizing is a shambles,” Amy said, according to The Sun.

“I think mine was made wrong because the cut is SO high. . . . You’d have to be 4 foot tall for it to fit.”

Black bodycon PrettyLittleThing dress
This is what the dress was supposed to look like. Photo: PrettyLittleThing

Amy’s Tweet quickly went viral, with plenty of people commenting they’ve also experienced similar mishaps after buying clothes online.

“The top bit looks like it would barely cover a five year old’s chest let alone an adult it’s so short,” one person wrote.

Amy replied, showing the dress on a five-year-old so the commenters could see the comparison.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

A few did defend the dress having also purchased it themselves.

One woman uploaded a snap of herself wearing it, saying she loves it.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Looks so good on you!! I think mine was made wrong cos the cut is SO high,” Amy responded.

Others even shared they had similar stories from the same retailer.

“I ordered a dress from PLT and it didn’t come as I expected, ended up looking like something from the 1940s,” was one response.

Back in November, a bride-to-be was also left scrambling after ordering a wedding dress online that she was definitely not going to wear for the big day.

The woman ended up putting the $200 gown up for sale for half the price on Facebook with her friend sharing a post about the hilarious fail.

Her post also went viral with one person calling the dress a “hot mess”.

And to say there have been a few fails when it comes to prom and formal dress shopping would also be an understatement.

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