Erin Molan shocks with wild on-air confession: 'Six times in one day'

The radio host revealed how often she orders Uber Eats.

Radio host Erin Molan left listeners stunned on Tuesday morning when she made a surprising confession about how often she gets food delivered to her.

Speaking on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin, the sports presenter admitted she had ordered Uber Eats six times in one day.

Hughesy and Erin Molan speaking on the radio.
Erin Molan revealed she had ordered Uber Eats six times in one day. Photo: 2DAY FM

“Six times in one day you’re getting food delivered to your house?” her co-host David ‘Hughesy’ Hughes asked.

She explained that she’d ordered a sausage and egg McMuffin at 6:36am, followed by a muffin and freshly squeezed juice at 12:01pm.

A couple of hours later, she got a chicken schnitzel with brown rice and peas from Chargrill Charlie’s for a late lunch.


For dinner, Erin ordered two potato scallops and a salmon meal with chips from a local fish shop but had an issue with the meal when it was delivered.

“It arrived and there wasn’t enough salt on it, so I went to get my salt shaker – empty,” she told listeners.

Rather than drive to buy salt herself, she used Uber Eats one final time to order a sea salt grinder from an Ampol MetroGo service station that was 700m from her house - which took 20 minutes to arrive.

“You waited for the salt to be delivered, so you could eat your chips?” Hughesy asked.

“Yep. I’m not a big people person generally, I’m a bit of a loner by nature,” she replied.

“But you can put a hat on, can’t you? And sunglasses?” Hughesy said in disbelief. “You’re not Meghan Markle. You’re not getting papped at the front gate, are you?”

Erin Molan wearing a pink dress.
Erin says she’s ‘not a big people person’. Photo: Instagram/erin_molan

'Stop the judgement!'

Erin’s confession comes shortly after she slammed criticism that she dresses “inappropriately” for her age.

The presenter called out the “negative attitude” towards women in their 40s or older, calling the comments “ridiculous” during a segment on-air.


“I’m 39 and I get comments like, ‘Are you trying to look young?’” she shared. “No sorry, I wear what I feel like, what I feel good in, what makes me feel amazing in a world that’s constantly trying to make all of us feel completely [s**t] about ourselves.

“So, wear what you want, dress how you want. if you look amazing, great. If you look not so amazing, great! If you feel amazing, great! Who cares? Stop the judgement!”

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