Irwin family divide fans over Uber Eats ad with Paris Hilton: 'Weird'

From Kim Kardashian and Sharon Strzelecki to The Wiggles and Simon Cowell, Uber Eats has become pretty well known for pairing unlikely celebrities together in their commercials.

Now, the Irwin family have teamed up with Paris Hilton for the latest instalment in the company’s award-winning ‘Tonight I’ll be eating…’ campaign.

Bindi Irwin and Paris Hilton in the new Uber Eats ad.
Bindi, Robert and Terri Irwin have teamed up with Paris Hilton for Uber Eats' iconic 'Tonight I’ll be eating…' campaign. Photos: Supplied

The 30-second ad features Bindi, Robert and Terri Irwin ordering Uber Eats while showcasing the various attractions in Australia Zoo, including the crocodiles, lizards and giraffes.

Paris is then shown wearing a fitted hot pink jumpsuit and sparkly belt standing outside of what she’s transformed into the ‘Chihuahua enclosure’.

“Crikey Paris, this is where we keep the snakes!” Terri tells the pop culture icon, before the camera shows a dog-sized bulge in one of the snake’s belly.

“That is so crikey,” Paris replies, followed by Robert who sighs, “Can’t even get ‘crikey’ right”.

‘I love the Aussies!’

Speaking to Pedestrian around the ad’s release, Terri said that she and her two children were “delighted to welcome Paris into the family”.

“While she may not be cut out for Zoo work, there’s no doubt she’s a business powerhouse and will help us share Australia Zoo’s conservation message with a whole new audience,” she gushed.

Robert also said that it’s been really fun creating an “unlikely friendship” with Paris and they actually have “more in common than you might think”.

“We’re both big, big animal lovers, maybe different kinds of animals, but we both have a really good respect for the natural world,” he added.


Meanwhile, Paris said that she was excited to work with Uber Eats because it’s something that she uses “basically every single day”.

“I love it! I love food, I love ordering and I love the brand Uber so when I got the call to do this, and it was with Australians and the Irwins, I was like, ‘This sounds like so much fun.’ I love the Aussies!” she told the publication.

Bindi, Robert and Terri Irwin sitting with Paris Hilton surrounded by animals in Australia Zoo.
Terri said that she and her two children were ‘delighted to welcome Paris into the family’. Photo: Supplied


After the video was shared on social media on Sunday, fans were clearly divided over the star-studded collaboration.

"Terrible ad and this just seems like such a sellout,” one dissatisfied viewer wrote, while someone else said the combination was “weird”.

“An ad featuring a zoo showing a dog being eaten, right,” a third shared.

However, a majority of people praised the partnership and labelled it their "favourite Uber Eats ad yet”.

“This is the greatest crossover episode ever,” a fan remarked, followed by a different user who remarked, “This is so chaotic, I love it”.

“This is hilarious,” another added, with someone else writing, “Whoever wrote this needs an Emmy”.

Plenty of fans also filled the comments with Paris’ iconic catchphrases, including “that’s hot” and “sliving”.

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