Dave Hughes opens up on 'near-death' plane experience: 'Lucky'

The radio host said he was 'millimeters away from dying'.

Dave Hughes has opened up about his ‘near-death experience’ in a light plane, detailing the frightening moment a bird flew straight at the aircraft.

Speaking on his 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin show, Hughesy explained how he was sitting in the plane right next to the pilot when he took off from a remote runway in South Australia .

Dave Hughes on a plane
Dave Hughes has detailed his 'near death experience'. Photo: Instagram/Dave Hughes

“A bird flew straight at us and missed us by millimeters,” the star said.

“Right after, the pilot said ‘lucky’ and I said ‘what do you mean’,” Dave went on, saying the pilot explained that if the bird had hit them, it might have taken them down.

“So, millimeters away from dying in a light plane because of a bird.”


Hughesy’s co-star pointed out that his story might be a ‘bit of stretch’, asking whether or not the pilot might have been able to land on the belly of the plane.

“Was it assured death?,” she asked, with Hughesy explaining that while it wasn’t, the pilot would definitely have had to land the plane if the bird didn’t take them down because they would have had to check the engine.

Erin explained that the issue with birds hitting planes is when they fly into the engine, especially with smaller planes.

Dave Hughes in a light plane
A bird hit the light plane. Photo: Instagram/Dave Hughes

“We had propellers on our plane so it could have stopped one of them,” Hughesy went on.

He went on to joke that while he’s irreplaceable, birds are a dime a dozen on this planet.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram account, followers of the radio host can see the moment he takes off from the runway in remote South Australia.

Dave Hughes in a suit
It comes after he said he wants Harry and Meghan to attend the King's coronation or it will be 'boring'. Photo: Getty Images

His story comes just days after he made headlines for saying he wants Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to attend King Charles' coronation in May as "we just want the drama".

Speaking on Sky News Australia, Hughesy said: "I just think they should go, because we just want the drama... that’s all we want."

"Without them there, it’s going to be boring."

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