Creepy hidden detail derails bikini photo: 'Look behind you!'

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Chloe Latanzzi stunned fans with a beachy snap earlier this year, and it wasn’t the clear ocean or bright bikinis that caught her followers’ attention.

The daughter of Aussie icon Olivia Newton-John, Chloe is renowned for cranking up the heat with sizzling beachside snaps, but things got far more dangerous than usual when the blonde beauty uploaded a bikini photo with a sneaky guest lurking in the background.

Photograph of Chloe Lattanzi and friend in bikinis in ocean with shark hidden behind leg
An Instagram influencer's fun beach snap was derailed by an uninvited guest lurking in the background. Photo: Instagram/chloelattanziofficial

“The life aquatic,” the 34-year-old captioned the photograph of herself and a friend enjoying the crystal clear water back in May.

Fans couldn’t help but notice, however, that someone else was also enjoying the crisp waves.

“Is that a shark behind you?” one baffled fan wondered.

On closer inspection, a small shark can be seen lurking behind the Dancing With the Stars alumni’s leg, something that didn’t escape the notice of several other fans who shared their disbelief.


“Ya not scared of [the] shark behind ya?” one wondered. “Be careful.”

“Lucky shark!” another joked. “Look what's behind the girls.”

Close capture of shark hiding behind Olivia Newton-John's daughter's leg
A closer look reveals a shark lurking in the background of the seemingly-normal snap. Photo: Instagram/chloelattanziofficial

Chloe’s friend Jaala pictured in the photo dispelled any concerns fans had, reassuring them the ladies were perfectly aware of their aquatic friend when they took the photo.

“Yes there is a shark behind us and yes we love her,” she wrote.

Others weren’t concerned with the sea creature, instead complimenting the duo on the beautiful photo.

Chloe’s mum was also quick to send a compliment.

“Gorgeous girls,” the Grease star wrote on the photograph.

US-born Chloe is the daughter of the Aussie actress and singer and her ex-husband Matt Lattanzi.

Singer Olivia Newton-John and her daughter Chloe Lattanzi on the red carpet for the Premiere of Syfy's "Dead 7" at Harmony Gold on April 1, 2016
Chloe Lattanzi had a fan in mum Olivia Newton-John. Photo: Getty Images

It certainly pays to be aware of things hiding in the background of photos, as plenty of people found out the hard way over the past year.

X-rated details in photos go viral

One woman's clothing ad, for example, had an X-rated detail that completely distracted from the second hand items she was actually trying to sell.

And just this week a Facebook Marketplace user also shared a little more than intended when she posted an ad for a washing machine online.

A second glance at the advertisement left people gobsmacked when they realised the seller had been captured in the snap, reflected in the stainless steel washer. The woman was completely naked, her full body on display as she reached across to capture the snap.

Even bikini photos haven’t escaped the odd attention for a sneaky detail, or photoshop fail.

Eagle-eyed fans thought they’d spotted a pretty hilarious Photoshop fail in a photo of Kim Kardashian posing with her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, back in October.

Kim Kardashian and her sisters in bikinis
Kim Kardashian and her sisters flew to a private island for her 40th birthday. Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

In the photo, the three women are all standing posing for the camera, wearing an array of extremely high-waisted string bikinis.

However, fans believe Kim may have slipped up on the editing tools, as the arm she has behind Khloe back seems to just disappear from the photo.

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