X-rated fail hidden in Facebook ad leaves buyers gobsmacked

Penny Burfitt
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Facebook Marketplace users on the hunt for an affordable washer-dryer may have gotten more than they bargained for last week after a very naughty detail sneaked into an innocuous-looking ad.

Posted in Kentucky in the US, the seller was purportedly trying to offload an LG Washer and dryer in ‘perfect condition’ for the rather steep sum of $1000.

Advertisement Facebook marketplace for washer dryer, naked woman reflected in first photo in X-rated fail
Can you see what's wrong with the washer dryer advertisement? Photo: Reddit

It wasn’t the pricing that had users doing a double-take, however.

A second glance at the advertisement left people gobsmacked when they realised the seller had been captured in the snap, reflected in the stainless steel washer.


The woman, seen brandishing an iPhone was as naked as the day she was born, her identity obscured by the phone but her full body on display as she reached across, leaning on the wall to capture the snap.

Presumably killing two birds with one stone – washing her clothes while she tried to sell the machine – the woman unsurprisingly sparked a hysterical reaction online, with the advertisement shared to Reddit where baffled users theorised as to how the photo was uploaded in the first place.

Close in image of nude woman in washer dryer ad X-rated fail
A closer glance reveals far more than buyers anticipated. Photo: Reddit

“Intentional or naked mistake?” one user wondered. “Either way.....ooooooof.”

The ad has since disappeared from Facebook, with at least one buyer presumably looking past the X-rated sales pitch and snapping up the double buy.

Users on Reddit confirmed they had seen the post on Facebook, but it is not possible to verify when and why the advertisement was uploaded.

“Omg! My sister saw that! We are in the next county over,” one user insisted.

“When you're VERY serious about laundry day,” another joked.

“YIKES,” another reacted.

Others suggested the ad might be offering something other than secondhand whitegoods – namely, sex services.

“People use sites like facebook marketplace to somewhat subtly advertise sex work,” one Redditor commented.

“It’s probably a lowkey ad for a sex worker,” another offered.

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