Couple shock with 'disgusting' engagement photos: 'Horrific'

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A newly-engaged couple is being slammed after sharing their engagement photos to Facebook, revealing a dead deer was used as a prop in the proposal.

A Facebook user shared photos from the post to a group and wrote, "What in hillbilly hell? Why display the ring on a dead deer?? I can already tell this wedding will be full of camo, jeans, guns, and cowboy boots."

Man holds fiancee's hand after proposing
A couple has horrified social media after sharing snaps from their engagement. Photo: Facebook

The original post by the bride-to-be read, "Hey girlies, I said yes! Now that we're engaged I need all the wedding tips you have!

"Also pictures of the ring because I'm obsessed with how good he did."


In one photo the woman posed with the ring on her hand, but in another the ring was seen on a dead deer's antlers.

Facebook users quickly shared their thoughts on the "disgusting" photos with one user writing, "Nothing says romance like a dead animal used as a prop."

Dead deer used in proposal
Facebook users slammed the couple for using a dead deer as a "prop". Photo: Facebook

"Oh my god the ring on the antler is horrific," another wrote.

"This is so disgusting ew," someone else said.

Another called it "tacky", while another wrote, "This is so f***ed up. The poor [baby's] eyes are still open."

"It'd be hilarious if the deer was just playing dead and jumped up and ran off with that new ugly antler accessory," one user joked.

Someone else added, "My spidey senses tell me wedding pics will include entire bridal party holding guns, children included. And possibly one of those stupid 'the hunt is over' pics with the either bride or groom 'dead' on the ground while the other is holding a rifle."

"As a hunter.. this is just weird," one user stated. "Would never want it done this way."

"Well, damn," another said. "I live right smack in the middle of central Missouri where literally every guy around hunts and I really thought I’d seen it all when it came to 'weird things to do with deer antlers' but this is a new one for me. I’m assuming he placed the ring there for her to find? Or did they just haven’t the weirdest ring photoshoot ever?"

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