'Mortified' woman discovers her 'Tiffany' engagement ring actually cost $9

Gillian Wolski
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A woman has revealed how her ‘perfect’ proposal rapidly unravelled after a shock discovery about her engagement ring sparked a series of lies from her fiancé, leaving her ‘mortified’.

The unnamed woman from the US took to Reddit to share her story which began when her partner popped the question with what she believed was a Tiffany and Co. ring on Christmas Day.

The solitaire diamond engagement ring came inside the famous jeweller’s iconic blue box, leaving the bride-to-be ‘literally over the moon’.

As the band was a bit too big, the woman went to get it resized at a Tiffany and Co. store where she was abruptly informed that the ring was not authentic as it didn’t have the brand’s trademark engraving on the inside.

Keen to give her fiancé the benefit of the doubt, the woman kept her cool despite the embarrassment.

“I go home and my first thought is that he probably bought it preloved and he got duped,” she wrote.

When asked about the origin of the ring, her partner reportedly ‘flipped out’ and accused her of ‘checking up’ on him, all the while maintaining that the ring was the real deal.

The real deal: an authentic Tiffany & Co. engagement ring in the brand's iconic blue box. Photo: Instagram/insidedabluebox.

“He told me that I should have consulted him and he would [have] had it sized for me and that it feels like I’m going behind his back,” she wrote.

A quick snoop on his iPad, however, proved that the ring —along with another — was a stainless steel band with a cubic zirconia stone purchased from Amazon store ‘Jude Jewelers’ for about $9 (USD$6).

“I’m beyond words. Not that it’s not a Tiffany ring but that he was playing me with a $6 ring... I’m mortified,” she wrote.

Adding to the hurt, the woman revealed that her fiancé had recently spent thousands on a minibar and an OLED TV for himself on Black Friday.

The 'real' Tiffany & Co. engagement ring turned out to be a $9 knock-off. Photo: Amazon.

The woman confronted her fiancé again over the phone saying that she didn’t care about the ring’s price —she said she’d be happy with a ‘$200 14k gold band’ from US department store Macy’s — but was ‘devastated by the lies.’

He confessed in tears, revealing that he borrowed the Tiffany and Co. box from his friend and was intending to replace the cheaper ‘stand-in’ ring with a legit one after saving some money.

“I hung up. I texted him I need some space and time and I’m going to go stay at a hotel to just chill for a day,” she wrote.

Gobsmacked Reddit readers flooded the comments section with their thoughts, with one urging the woman to “Hold out for your real diamond and your real love.”

“Please do not marry that man. Please, please, please do not marry that man,” advised one.

“At least if you call off the engagement, you can give back the ring without worrying about losing anything of value,” reasoned another.

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