Raunchy detail in wedding photo sparks outrage

A snap of one happy couple celebrating their big day has gone viral after a very hands-on photo caught the attention - and sparked the disapproval - of onlookers.

We all know that with any set of wedding photos comes at least one cringeworthy or slightly awkward snap.

Cropped image of groom and bride in field, groom hand on bottom
A wedding photo showing a bride and groom getting touchy-feely proved too much for some onlookers. Photo: Instagram/weddingforward

What is slightly less common is a photo that crosses the line from sweet and loving to hot and raunchy - though as this couple proved it’s not unheard of.


The photo, shared by bridal blog Wedding Forward, shows a very attractive couple in a field of wheat, with the groom getting up close and very personal with his new wife.

Photo of bride in field in backless gown, husband reaches over to grab her bottom, smiles into her neck.
The photo divided opinion, with many bridal enthusiasts saying it was 'too private' a moment to be shared publicly. Photo: Instagram/weddingforward

Snapped from behind, the groom is seen grabbing a handful of his wife’s rear as he nuzzles into her neck, a pose that didn’t go over too well with the bridal enthusiasts following the page.

Outrage was in abundance as people criticised the move as ‘tacky’, ‘not classy’ and even ‘divorce worthy’.

“If my husband does that I definitely separate,” one lady wrote.

“I feel like ass-grabbing is a private thing to do...” another person wrote. “Its not classy, no matter how dressed up you are. Do it when no ones looking lol... like would you do this in front of her parents?”

Reddit users defend ‘sweet snap’

Outside the bridal bubble, many people thought it was an adorable picture and when the post was shared to Reddit the reaction couldn’t have been more different.

“This post on my explore page had people so mad in the comments,” the person who posted the screenshot wrote.

“I think it’s a sweet photo,’ one person said. “It’s not overtly sexual, it’s just a butt grab with the guy obviously laughing and both of them very happy.”

“Oh who f**king cares,” another wrote. “It’s a butt. My partner loves my butt, he’d do the same thing.”

This gown showed a little more than is customary for a bride on her big day. Photo: Dimitrius Dalia
This gown showed a little more than is customary for a bride on her big day. Photo: Dimitrius Dalia

It’s not the first time a slightly sexy detail derailed a wedding shoot, with onlookers regularly up in arms over the trend of very revealing ‘naked’ bridal gowns.

Earlier this year a completely sheer chiffon number from Israeli wedding label Dimitrius Dalia, the ‘Marilyn’ gown, sure lived up to its namesake’s famous white dress moment, though a little more permanently.

The gown featured an entirely see-through skirt exposing everything below the waist, a detail that had onlooker crying ‘yiiiikes’.

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