Surprise hidden 'diaper' detail on wedding dress roasted

A wedding dress that seemed at first to be a classical style, only to hit viewers with a shock detail that derailed the timeless look and feel has been roasted online, after it featured in a hysterical TikTok video.

The video, shared by bridal store Solutions Bridal based in Florida in the US, shows a model sporting the gown as she acts out a hilarious dance to ‘A Little Bit Alexis’ – a comedy song from acclaimed series Schitt’s Creek.

Image of Bridal Solutions TikTok mullet 'diaper' gown
A seemingly-stunning bridal gown had viewers doing a double-take. Photo: TikTok/ solutionsbridal

It was the bizarre cut of the dress, however, rather than the funny dance, that truly caught viewers’ attention.

The video begins with the model stalking away from the camera, the dress appearing to be a full-skirted, floaty, bohemian dream dress.


Once the model turns around to walk back toward the camera, however, a strange detail in the front of the skirt throws the whole thing off course.

Back of brial gown seems traditional (left) Model turns around revealing skirt split and middle 'nappy' detail (right)
An about-face at the end of the makeshift runway revealed far more than one could have expected. Photo: TikTok/ solutionsbridal

The gown splits over each leg, with a long piece left dangling in between, a style that’s since been affectionately dubbed the ‘crotch waterfall’.

As she walks the extra piece disappears between her legs leaving the piece resembling a bizarre kind of loin cloth-style ballgown that, in fairness, would not necessarily be amiss on the song’s titular character Alexis, who is known for her bohemian, and sometimes off-kilter fashion looks.

Dress cops major pan from wedding shamers

Shared to a wedding dress shaming group, the dress prompted a hysterical string of comparisons and complaints.

Solutions Bridal TikTok loin cloth dress detail
The gown's bizarre style had wedding-shamers up in arms. Photo: TikTok/ solutionsbridal

“Just came across this dress on TikTok,” a woman wrote. “I GASPED at how awful it was when she turned around. Truly awful!!!”

“Diaper chic is NOT a thing,” one lady wrote.

Many took issue with the awkward crotch bunching.

“I hate the loincloth bit especially,” one person shuddered.

“I thought it was a diaper at first lol,” a US observer wrote.

“It’s a f***ing nappy,” an Aussie onlooker corrected.

Others couldn’t get over the betrayal they felt when the model turned around.

“It looks amazing from the back LOL,” one wrote.

“Would have been FINE if they hadn’t split the skirt like that wtf,” an irate viewer agreed. “This dress had so much potential.”

“It’s like the wedding dress version of a mullet,” a clever person shared. “Business in the back - party in the front.”

Others were horrified at what they called the desecration of one of the funniest scenes in a comedy series ever.

“How dare they disgrace this song with that crotch waterfall,” one fan wrote.

“Ok, but Alexis would totally rock this dress,” another wrote. “Still garbage though.”

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