Coronavirus wedding invitation goes viral: 'F*** COVID-19'

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A wedding invitation began going viral on social media on Monday after being shared on Twitter by a man named Dan White.

He tweeted, "Damn. Just got this in the mail," alongside a photo of a wedding invitation, which read, "F**k Covid-19," adding, "We're keeping our date!"

Joke coronavirus wedding invitation
Social media users were left in stitches after a joke wedding invitation began circling the Internet. Photo: Twitter

The invitation continued, "No masks allowed! (We want to see everyone's beautiful mouths)."

"We will have a designated 'cough room'," it continued, "Taking lots of photos of grandparents in case anything happens."

It was then signed off from, "Erica Fartlander" and "Dustin Ween".

By the time most readers got to the end, they realised the invitation was a joke, though there have been many similar wedding invitations going around this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While many couples have tried to tie the knot safely during the pandemic, there have been a number of couples who haven't wanted coronavirus to ruin their big day and have resisted wearing masks and social distancing causing many people to catch and spread the virus.

One wedding in Millinocket, Maine was especially bad, with more than 270 cases being traced to the wedding, including outbreaks at a nursing home and jail according to the Associated Press. Eight people died of the virus due to the outbreak.

Couple wearing masks at their wedding
The invitation states that the couple doesn't want guests to wear masks because they "want to see everyone's beautiful mouths". Photo: Getty

Some social media users didn't immediately realise the invitation was a joke with one user writing, "If I were you I'd cut them out of my life. Their priorities are f***ed up."

Another wrote, "DESIGNATED COUGH ROOM?!?!??"


"Like imagine you feel a cough coming on and you have to get up and run across the venue to get to the cough room, which is filled with other people who are also coughing."

One user said there was only one part of the invitation that made it seem like a joke, "Fartlander is when I decided this had to be a joke. The rest seems completely plausible."

Tweet about wedding invitation
Some users didn't immediately see the invitation was a joke. Photo: Twitter
Tweet about coronavirus wedding
Some were annoyed that some couples were actually doing similar things to what was printed on the invitation. Photo: Twitter
Tweet about satirical wedding invitation
One user said the fact it took them so long to figure out it was satire proves is "truly indicative of the times we live in". Photo: Twitter

Another said, "I know this is a parody (names are a big giveaway), but people are legitimately doing things like this and it’s still infuriating. Though I did giggle at 'Fartlander'."

Another said, "Is that for real? Is Fartlander changing her name to Ween?"

Someone else added, "Took me a while to realize that it is in fact satire. The fact that I couldn't tell at first is truly indicative of the times we live in."

On Reddit one user joked, "Aww yeah, the Fartlander wedding is going to be epic. If you have a positive COVID test before the wedding you have to sit at the kids' table, but you can still come as long as your gift is at least $500."

In response, another user wrote, "I really hope they go with hyphenated last names. For the kids."

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