Bride unleashes in 'selfish' coronavirus wedding rant

A bride has copped a barrage of criticism after text messages of her blasting her friend for choosing to skip the wedding amid the coronavirus pandemic went viral online.

“I can’t believe you’re afraid of Covid, what about my wedding?” one person quipped on a wedding shaming Reddit thread, sharing a screenshot of messages by an anonymous bride unleashing on her best friend.

bride angry at friend
A bride has lashed out at her best friend. Photo: Getty

Earlier parts of the conversation aren’t visible, but it’s clear the bride’s friend had decided she didn’t want to attend the wedding taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic saying, “I just can’t take the risk”.

She added: “COVID is really serious and people are still dying.”

But the bride-to-be was clearly having none of it, exploding at her best friend.

“You wait until the last second to tell me you can’t make it and expect me to pat you on the a** and tell you it’s okay because you are scared!” the message reads.

“Don’t say you’re my best friend and then not be willing to stand beside me on my big day that you have been a part of the entire time.”

The bride goes on to say they were taking precautions and had offered plenty of solutions but was “beyond hurt”.

“I am so pissed off and upset and hurt and you don’t even care enough to come TO MY GOD DAMNED WEDDING! IT”S A ONCE IN A F***ING LIFETIME EVENT!” she concluded.

bride coronavirus wedding rant reddit
A bride's rant has gone viral. Photo: Reddit

While it’s unclear exactly what country the bride lives in, given the global death toll of the coronavirus currently sits at over 850K, it’s no surprise her message was met with anger.


“This bridezilla lives in a very small world that barely extends past her nose,” one person commented.

“You know what else is a once-in-a-lifetime event? Dying,” another said.

While a third wrote: “The entitled folks who think they’re better than the virus make me so angry.”

Others pointed out the bride can’t really call out her best friend, when she was unwilling to think of the potential ramifications of forging ahead with her wedding plans.

“If your best friend is supposed to be willing to risk their health to be at your wedding, because that’s what friends do, shouldn’t you be willing to postpone the wedding to protect your best friend’s health?” was one comment.

And others shared their frustration, having made the difficult decision to postpone their own weddings for the health and safety of their friends and family.

“My wedding was going to be in July. We had the date picked two years ago. Moved it to next year. S**t happens,” one person wrote.

While another agreed: “People like her piss me off. I canceled my wedding, it sucks but I’m not going to put my loved ones at risk. There will be a future and I want my family to be in it.”

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