Coronavirus wedding: Bride roasted for dissing guest's RSVP

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A bride has faced the wrath of the internet after complaining about one of her guest’s excuses for not attending her wedding, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A screenshot was posted to Reddit, showing the correspondence between the bride and her fiance’s aunt, who was texting her to let her know that her son wouldn’t be able to make it to their big day.

Bride and groom close up saying their vows
A bride has been slammed for dissing a guest's excuse for skipping her wedding. Photo: Getty Images

“Since locking in our final guest count, we have now had FOUR people ‘regret to inform us that they cannot attend’,” the bride wrote.

“This is the most recent cancellation. My fiancé’s aunt texted to let us know that her 30+ year old son (who lives at home) can’t make it because he broke his foot.

“My thoughts are 1. Sorry you broke your foot and can’t dance but why on earth would that warrant a cancellation this close to the wedding? And 2. Why is he not contacting us himself like an adult?”


She then shared the text from the aunt, which read: “Hi I just wanted to let you know unfortunately Jon won’t be at the wedding. He broke his foot and was at the drs today he’s still not weight bearing and was told to remain off the foot.”

While the bride might have thought she’d get some sympathy from others about the spare spot left on her guest list, she got roasted online by people calling her ‘entitled’.

Screenshot of messages about coronavirus wedding
The bride shared a screenshot of the message she received from her fiance's aunt. Photo: Reddit

“As someone who broke a foot recently, she can stuff it. The only thing I could think of was "how am I going to work" and "how am I going to get around the house when home alone" not "ooh, let me go to a plague wedding!" one person wrote.

“I broke my ankle a few summers ago when we were in one of those peak years for friends getting married (late 20s). I was on crutches and non-weight-bearing at four weddings that summer, including one where I was a bridesmaid. Getting around was NOT fun and more than a little precarious when you add in cocktail hour, haha. I got driven around in a golf cart with the grandmothers at one, and had to hop up and down stairs on one leg at another venue that didn’t have an elevator.

“Plus, just being up and moving around a lot really leads to a lot of uncomfortable swelling. I had to sit down and put my leg up a LOT, which btw is very classy in a gown. (On the bright side I did have fun jazzing up my crutches with flowers and lights.) So I can definitely understand this guy wanting to pass. Especially now, during Covid! Imagine catching Covid while you’re also nursing a broken foot and NWB. Sounds extra miserable,” another person wrote.

Another person simply wrote:”Bridezilla problems”, while another said: “I broke my ankle three weeks ago and uhh, I still wouldn't be going to a wedding now, even though I'm on the mend. Some people are just narcissists I guess.”

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