Coles' deformed hot cross bun leaves shoppers in stitches: 'Love it'

Some called for the unique design to become permanent.

Shoppers have been sharing their outrage over Coles and Woolworths selling hot cross buns on Boxing Day, and now it seems that some supermarket staff feel the same way. One shopper shared a hilarious hot cross bun she received in her Coles six-pack, noting that the baker may be taking a “passive-aggressive stand” about having to bake the Easter treat so early.

On her squished bun, the white cross that typically covers the top was nowhere to be seen. Instead, the baker had made her bun look like a smiley face, with two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

L: Coles store from the outside. R: Hot cross bun display in Coles
Coles and Woolworths have already started selling hot cross buns. Photo: Getty & Facebook/Terry Hull

“This was my hot ‘cross’ bun from Coles yesterday (Boxing Day), the rest of the packet was normal,” she wrote. “I think the baker was taking a passive-aggressive stand about them coming out so early.”

Some shoppers confirmed her theory, saying that bakers think Boxing Day is far too early.


“My hubby is a baker for Coles. He hates having to start baking them from Boxing Day! Thinks it’s effing ridiculous and something that should come out the week of Easter…and that’s it!” a mum wrote. “I totally disagree and love them all year round. He will love this when I show him!”

Hot cross bun with a smiley face design instead of a cross
Shoppers adored the cute hot cross bun design. Photo: Facebook

“Reckon a certain person [I know] would do that. I can see him doing it,” another added, while their friend chimed in saying “yeah he hates [baking] them.”

“Try it yourself, put the crossing mix in a piping bag and pipe it for hours at a time and see how much it hurts day after day, month after month. It was never meant for bakers to do it five months of the year. But because people keep buying them retailers keep pushing them,” a third chimed in.


Others couldn’t get over how cute the smiley face looked on the Easter treat, with many declaring they ‘loved’ the unique design.

“I’d pay extra for six just like that” one shopper declared.

“That is just fabulous!!! I don’t blame them!!” another exclaimed.

“Perfect. Now they can bake them all year round haha. Otherwise they could call them noughts and crosses…then presto! Easter buns without the Easter,” a third suggested.

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