Coles shopper reveals hack to get free flowers: 'They look perfect'

A Coles shopper has revealed her little-known hack for scoring free flowers at her local supermarket.

The woman posted on popular Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia to let other bargain hunters know how they too could take home a bouquet free of charge.

"Free flowers because they are past the date!" she wrote.

"I know not every Coles does this but it's nice that they do and don't throw them out.

"They would let me have them free only if I agreed not to come back and complain if they die as they're past date. As if I would go back and complain for getting FREE flowers, but this has happened to them before."

Four bouquets of bright flowers.
A Coles shopper shared her secret to getting free flowers. Source: Facebook

She shared photos of the flowers on the Facebook group, showing three bouquets that retail for $25, $15 and $10.

The flowers are in full bloom, with the bouquets boasting white, yellow, purple and pink petals.


A Coles worker praised the store for giving the flowers out for free after she had noticed a lot of wastage at her store.

"I’ve seen bunches of flowers that are perfect with buds yet to open being tossed. I brought it up with the manager and he has let me take all the bunches that could have been wasted, and distribute them around to our local nursing home and hospital," she said.

"Some weeks I only receive one or two bunches, so I cut some foliage from my garden and make smaller bouquets. It’s been a great initiative for all involved. I was having a hard time earlier this year and a customer brought me a bunch of flowers. The act of kindness inspired me so much that when I saw the flowers [being thrown out] I decided to take action.

The facade of a Coles store.
One woman said her local Coles donated flowers to nursing homes. Source: Getty

"I feel great giving and I’ve had some inspiring chats with some of those I’ve gifted to. Even made a friend."

Another said her local store also donated them to nursing homes.

"They separate all the bunches and the residents can arrange their own bunch to take back to their room to keep. So if your store isn’t selling them cheap to you it doesn’t necessarily mean they are going in the bin," she said.

"And they still look perfect!!!" a third added.

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