BIG W roasted for selling Easter eggs before Christmas: ‘What a joke’

BIG W shoppers have revealed what they think of the controversial act.

A BIG W shopper has shared her shock after finding Easter eggs on display at her local shop on Thursday. The woman posted a snap of the display on a popular Facebook group, saying that it was a “monstrosity” to see the holiday chocolate on sale so early.

In the photo, there are two large Ferrero Rocher displays holding numerous bags of Easter eggs, and a slogan that reads: “Say it with gold this Easter”. Alongside the snap, the shopper savaged the retailer in her caption.

L: Big W shop. R: Ferrero Rocher Easter eggs on display in Big W
A BIG W shopper was gobsmacked when she came across an Easter display. Photo: Facebook/Markdown Addicts

“Easter eggs!! On the 22nd December! What is this monstrosity! Spotted at BIG W, Macarthur Square. #letsgetoverxmasfirst,” she quipped.

The controversial BIG W decision ruffled some feathers, with many group members outraged by the chocolate eggs being sold three and a half months before Easter.


“I don’t know why but this makes me really angry,” one person commented.

“If I’m going to see them I’ll break and step on them,” another quipped.

“They had removed all the Christmas section today in my local BIG W…it’s not even Christmas Day yet!! They were stocking for back to school!! Craziness,” a third added.

“I thought I saw them. What a joke. No wonder there are none on the shelves closer to Easter,” remarked another.

Others suggested possible reasons the shop would have put the display up so early.

“Whoops, I bet they ran out of the Christmas stock and put out the Easter stock instead,” a shopper suggested.

“The only thing that saves this travesty is that these are soooo delicious!” a second pointed out.

“These are probs the ones that didn’t get recalled and they were left [in] storage hahaha, have to get rid of them somehow I guess,” another said.


There were also a few shoppers who defended the retailer, saying that putting out Easter stock early can actually help those struggling with their household budget.

“I love seeing these things early. It means people doing it tough have time to buy little bits at a time making it more affordable for them!” a person exclaimed.

“Funny thing look how much has been [bought]. People complain but people keep buying it early. Just proves you can’t win as a retail manager these days,” another added.

“It’s just chocolate in the shape of an egg, tastes the same. I eat chocolate [of] any shape and form, I don’t discriminate,” a third quipped.

A BIG W spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that releasing Easter products early can help their customers.

"At BIG W we know our customers like to plan their shops ahead. Providing customers with a selection of Easter products early allows them time to spread out their spending over a few months or the opportunity to enjoy a few favourites in the lead-up," they explained.

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