Charlotte Crosby reveals dramatic transformation: 'Different person'

Charlotte Crosby is famous for her plump pout but the former Geordie Shore star has chosen to go for a more natural look after eight years of cosmetic lip injections.

The English celeb updated fans about her decision to remove her lip filler, explaining "something had changed" inside of her following the recent death of her beloved grandmother, who hated her altered look.

"So if she knew I was getting this done, she'd be smiling from heaven," Charlotte said.

Charlotte Crosby without lip filler
TV personality Charlotte Crosby showed off her bruised face after having her lip filler dissolved. Photo: YouTube/Charlotte Letitia Crosby

Documenting the process in a YouTube video, Charlotte brought viewers along as she visited her cosmetic therapist for the painful procedure, which involved having injections of hyaluronidase to speed up the body's natural process of breaking down filler.


The morning after the procedure, the new mum unveiled her "horrendously" bruised face and smaller lips in natural light.

"They are so bruised. I don't know when this bruising is going to go down," she chuckled, adding that her transformation is more obvious when she talks.

Charlotte Grosby with lip filler
Charlotte told fans she decided to deflate her lips following the death of her nanna, who wasn't a fan of the look. Photo: Instagram/@charlottegshore

"It's still there, it's just a lot smaller," she said of her reduced pout, concluding that she isn't disappointed and revealing that a lot of her friends have told her she looks like a "different person".

Fans praise star's new look

Viewers agreed, saying how much they loved Charlotte's more natural appearance.

"It's so good to see the original Charlotte again," one fan wrote, while others said she looks "gorgeous", "amazing" and "so much better".

Another even said the star is speaking "so much better" without the excessive lip filler.


The former I'm a Celebrity contestant once compared herself to singer Michael Jackson, admitting to many cosmetic surgeries over the years, including a nose job. Her transformation comes one month after she and partner Jake Ankers welcomed their first child.

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