Charlotte Crosby reveals why she’ll let her daughter watch Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby reveals why she’ll let her daughter watch the show.

Video transcript

CHARLOTTE CROSBY: Well, I think, um, they probably will, yeah, at one point. I think by the time my child is older, it will be-- You'll not be able to get it on TV, but it'll be on YouTube and stuff. And I really don't care about them watching it, in the slightest.

Like, if my child-- Holly said this really good thing. She was like, do you know when you're younger, and your mom and dad try and tell you something. And you're like-- you don't listen to them. And you're like, what would you know? You don't have a clue. You've never experienced it.

I can sit them down and go, all right, Geordie Shore, series three, episode nine. Let's sit down and watch it together. This is what happened to me, and this is what's going to happen to you if you don't listen to my advice. I have been through everything you have been through. And we can physically watch it together if you want, because I know what I'm talking about. (CHUCKLING)

I don't look at it as like, Oh, I'll be embarrassed. And, oh God, yeah, there was the time I had sex on TV. Like, come on.

The whole world is really OnlyFans obsessed. Like, we don't live in a world now where it's like-- it's some big secret or some big taboo that happened, you know what I mean? And especially in my family-- Well, my family that I plan to have. Like, we're all going to be as wild as each other. And we'll be able to have discussions like that.

And I want my daughter to be able to come up to us and tell us if she's in a sticky position. Because I know when I was younger, I kept a lot from my mom because I was embarrassed to speak openly and freely in front of her. Whereas, I don't want that.

I want my daughter to come in and tell us if she's gotten drunk or if she's drunk, or if she's in a bad position. I don't want her to hide anything from us. So if she sees how open I was, then hopefully she'll be exactly the same.

So I'm like, it's not anything that I'm embarrassed or ashamed of, or worry to have the discussion. Like, if anything, I see it as a huge positive. And I hope that she'll realize I was pretty cool, so she can trust us and confide in us to anything. (LAUGHING)