Paris Hilton divides fans with 'unrecognisable' new look: 'Over the top'

Paris Hilton has divided her fans online after she shared a series of photos on Instagram over the weekend looking barely recognisable.

The 41-year-old businesswoman’s followers accused her of “heavily editing” the snaps, which show her and her 63-year-old mother Kathy Hilton wearing matching Christmas pyjamas and baking cookies with Paris’ kitchenware line.

Paris Hilton on Instagram / in real life.
Paris Hilton has been accused of editing her recent Instagram post. Photos: Instagram/parishilton / Getty

Both women are wearing makeup in the photos, with Paris styling her blonde hair in a high ponytail and Kathy leaving hers down around her face.

“There's nothing like making #ThatsHot Christmas cookies with your mom in your Christmas PJs!” she captioned the post. “I love this time of year because I go all out with my decorations, get to spend time with my family and friends and get to give them all legendary presents.”


While some fans complimented Paris and Kathy’s appearances, saying they are “stunning” and look “like sisters”, a number of people commented that they look “unrecognisable”.

“Is no one going to address the extreme FaceTune?” one person wrote in reference to the popular photo editing app, followed by another who added, “She looks 14 and Kathy looks 20”.

Paris Hilton and her mother Kathy on Instagram / in real life.
Fans said Paris and her mother Kathy Hilton looked ‘unrecognisable’. Photos: Instagram/parishilton / Getty

“It literally doesn’t even look like her,” a third shared, with another commenting, “I didn’t even think it was Paris”.

“Whoever is running the IG needs to calm down because she does not need this,” someone else said, while others described the editing as “way over the top”, “beyond” and “insane”.

“I wish you wouldn't use filters like this,” a different user replied. “You are so beautiful without such a heavy filter. This doesn't look like you at all.”


Some followers also compared Paris’ appearance to her friend Kim Kardashian, who has previously been called out for editing her photos, as well as a wax figure.

Paris’ post comes just a few months after she spoke candidly about “toxic” beauty standards on social media and the effect it can have on young people during an appearance on The Project.

“I can't imagine being 12, 13 years old and seeing these beauty standards that are not real, and using the filters all the time,” she told host Lisa Wilkinson.

“It's just... I don't know. I think it's not really good for someone's mind at that age.”

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