Carrie Bickmore's potential replacements named for The Project

Carrie Bickmore is set to wrap up her time on The Project shortly, with her final appearance being on November 30.

Ten haven’t announced her replacement yet, but Carrie’s close friend and regular panellist Kate Langbroek has just revealed the top three contenders.

Carrie Bickmore on The Project
Carrie Bickmore is leaving The Project after 13 years. Photo: Ten

Speaking on's I’ve Got News For You podcast, the media personality brushed off any rumours that she was in the running.

Instead, she named guest panellists Chrissie Swan, Georgie Tunny and Studio 10’s Sarah Harris as possible replacements.

“Everyone’s racking their brains to think of the perfect person, and it’s really hard to replace Carrie, because she’s got a very broad skill set in that she’s a journalist, but she’s also into pop culture, and she’s topical, and she looks beautiful and she engages at the desk,” Kate told host Andrew Bucklow.


The radio presenter added that it would be ‘very hard’ for Ten to find a panellist who can tick all those boxes.

When pushed further, Kate confirmed that Carrie’s replacement would likely be Chrissie, Georgie or Sarah, saying: “Well, I actually think there’s probably a good chance of it being one of those three.”

Sarah Harris and Kate Langbroek on The Project
Kate Langbroek believes Studio 10's Sarah Harris is a frontrunner. Photo: Instagram/whatsarahsnapped

Carrie previously took an extended leave from The Project earlier this year, and regular panellist Peter Helliar was ‘nervous’ when Chrissie stepped in to fill her spot.

However, the 49-year-old media personality took to the new role effortlessly, and was praised for her time on the show.

“I was excited to have her on but I was also a bit nervous because I was like, she hasn't read news before. People like Carrie and Lisa [Wilkinson] make it seem really easy and effortless, but there is a real craft and art to it and reading the news is something I’m glad I don’t have to do,” Peter told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“The biggest compliment I can give her as far as the job goes is that we thought the three months was going to take forever because Carrie’s the captain of our team, there’s no doubt about it, and it actually went quite quickly,” he added.

Chrissie Swan and Georgie Tunny on The Project
Chrissie Swan and Georgie Tunny are also being considered for Carrie's role. Photo: Instagram/georgie_tunny

Georgie has also been appearing on The Project this year as a fill-in host and reporter, and could bring a fresh perspective at just 31 years old.

If Sarah was to replace Carrie, it means she would have to leave Studio 10, where she has co-hosted the mid-morning show for nine years.


While there have been rumours about what Carrie is moving onto next, including replacing Tracy Grimshaw on A Current Affair or co-hosting the Today show with Karl Stefanovic, she hasn’t announced her next project.

In October, Channel Ten confirmed that she would be leaving the network but ‘hoped to work’ with the star in the future.

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