Bride fuming after groom's dad makes brutal announcement at wedding

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A bride is blaming her new father-in-law for "ruining" her wedding, after he made a "pretty messed up" announcement in the middle of the ceremony.

The groom involved in the debacle as taken to Reddit to ask for advice, believing his bride is being "heartless" by being upset and doesn't believe his father needs to apologise for what happened.

Beautiful bride in white dress weeps tears
A bride is blaming her new father-in-law for ruining her wedding. Photo: Getty

"My beautiful wife and I got married a few weeks ago and she’s still annoyed with me about this situation," he began his post on the AITA thread.

"My dad asked my mom for a divorce at the wedding, which I get is pretty messed up, but my mom's very reserved in public. I heard them fighting a bit during pictures and he asked if she loved him more than her job and she answered that honestly she doesn’t and doesn’t think she could ever love any person more than her job. He took his wedding band off and handed it to her."


He went on to say that once his grandparents found out they "caused a scene" and approached his dad and "yelled at him".

"Everyone did turn and stare but he groomsmen broke it up pretty quickly," he continued.

"My wife was furious and wanted everyone involved kicked out. My grandparents were asked to leave but I wanted my dad to stay. My mom left shortly after on her own."

Bride and groom separating
The bride was 'furious' but the groom has defended his father's actions. Photo: Getty

He said his new wife made it clear to him that she had "lost respect" for his dad, adding: "My wife brought it up that my dad almost ruined our wedding and he should really apologise and he’s selfish."

"I said she was being heartless and she needs to understand that he was hurt and not trying to ruin anything and I said he doesn’t owe us an apology when he didn’t cause the drama. She accused me of not caring enough about our wedding."

The post was flooded with over 1.3K comments, and the huge majority sided with the bride, agreeing the dad's actions were "selfish".

"Of all the days of the years, op's dad choses THE WEDDING CEREMONY ( not even wedding day, the f0cking ceremony) and demands a divorce in a very dramatic way. And op is ok with this? Op do I need to remind you this is your wedding? He did this TO YOU too," one person commented.

"Your father decided to bring up this issue at the wedding knowing your mother is reserved in public. He knew she would not make a scene," another said. "He is the cause of the issues at the wedding and is extremely selfish for using your wedding to do this. He owes your wife an apology, and you owe her one as well for ignoring her feelings about the situation, when they are extremely valid."

White Roses Lying Next to a White Embroidered Old-Fashioned Handkerchief, Wedding Photo
Most people agreed the wedding was not the place to do this. Photo: Getty

"Total calculated move on OP's father's part. He knew exactly what he was doing. Using a wedding as a place to stage your life event is selfish. The wedding is about the people getting married," one person said.

While another wrote: "How can you say he didn't cause the drama when he literally told his wife he wanted a divorce at his child's WEDDING?!?

In the end it seemed the groom eventually agreed with the masses and offered the following explanation for why he thinks he might be the asshole.

"I am being more sympathetic to my dad than my wife," he wrote. "I see why she is upset and I don’t want to invalidate her feelings. She feels unsupported."

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