Bride goes viral in $3 op shop wedding dress: 'Genuinely stunning'

A bride has been praised online after revealing that she bought her wedding dress in an op shop for just $3.

Rachel Connealy, from Tampa in Florida, took to her TikTok account to upload a series of images of the stunning wedding day, which showed her wearing an ankle-length silk number.

Woman in charity shop wedding dress
Rachel Connealy stunned in a $3 op shop dress on her wedding day. Photo: TikTok/Rachel Connealy

The dress, which features tulle cap sleeves which draped down her back and a swooping neckline, was just $3 from her local Goodwill shop.

“I thrifted this silk dress right after we got engaged and still wore it for the ceremony,” Rachel wrote in the caption.

People were left floored by how beautiful she looked in the dress, with one person saying: “The thriting gods really have favourites huh?”

“Genuinly stunning. Like something out of a magazine,” another person said.


Woman marries in charity shop dress
She thrifted the dress after seeing her after getting engaged. Photo: TikTok/Rachel Connealy

One person even told Rachel she “reminds me of gorgeous Meghan Markle”.

Others said they did something similar for their wedding day look, with one person saying she also got her dress at Goodwill for $50.

“I bought a Justin Alexander wedding dress with tags still on for $60 and I adore it,” a commenter said.

It wasn’t the only dress Rachel thrifted from the op shop, with the stunner revealing her second dress of the day was also from Goodwill and it cost just $5.

Bride in $5 charity shop dress
Her evening dress was also just $5 from Goodwill. Photo: TikTok/Rachel Connealy

Her evening dress was a babydoll style number, with cap sleeves and short feathered skirt.

“You never know what you’ll find at the thrift 2 weeks before your wedding,” she said.

When one person commented again saying she looks like Meghan Markle, Rachel replied: “Except my wedding was in a roller skating rink and not a royal palace.”

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