Bride-to-be slammed for 'self-absorbed' wedding demand: 'Spoilt brat'

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A bridesmaid has taken to Reddit to find out whether she is in the wrong after telling her childhood best friend she can't afford the almost $3000 in expenses for the wedding and bachelorette party.

The Reddit user shared her situation with the Am I the A**hole subreddit, explaining she and the bride are only 21, and she can't afford to take part in the wedding due to the bride's demands.

Bride and bridesmaids
A bride-to-be has been slammed for trying to have her bridesmaids pay for her wedding dress and other costs she should be covering. Photo: Getty

"[We] have always been friends and she got engaged 5 months ago to her boyfriend of 6 months," she wrote. "We had planned our weddings since we were 14 and she wanted a castle wedding with a ballgown. Two months ago she found her dream castle in which she booked the wedding in 4 months.


"She just asked for a $280 dress for us plus for us to pay 1/10 of a $2000 wedding dress, [there are] 6 bridesmaids which is 200 dollars plus a $14000 Bachelorette party which $2333.34 per person and a $600 bridal shower. The total is $2,913.34 which I can't afford I am still in university and finish in a few months before the wedding but I am $100,000 in debt."

She continued, saying she told her friend she can't afford to pay for her wedding dress and the $14,000 bachelorette party, which didn't even include flights. The bride also expected her bridesmaids to pay for her hair and makeup and she also wants the Reddit user to dye her red hair blonde for the big day.

Two fighting friends
The bride seemingly couldn't see where her friend was coming from and accused her of ruining the wedding. Photo: Getty

"She also wants us to get her wedding gifts from the registry and pay for our own dinner," she said. "I told her at this point I can't afford that and she freaked out saying I am an A-hole cause it's her big day and I helped her plan it at 14. I told her I am not in a financial situation to do this but I can try to work my butt off to afford it. AITA [Am I the A**hole] if I tell her I can't afford this I don't want to ruin her wedding and our friendship."

Other Reddit users were shocked by the story with one user writing, "She is a mega, mega a**hole. You are NTA [Not the A**hole]. And I'm glad you told her. If it was me I would have added choice words like her being selfish, self-absorbed, spending beyond her means, unrealistic etc."

"When I got married, I bought the bridesmaid's dresses and didn't ask the party to pay for anything (our parents did help out). And we saved for 2 years after we got married so we could go on a bomb honeymoon. I am pretty disgruntled to learn I could have made my friends pay for it all," another user joked.

"For real this is the tackiest s**t I have ever heard of," a third wrote. "Asking your bridal party to buy their own dresses and go in for the bachelorette, ok (although the bride planning her own bachelorette is a hair strange). But the bachelorette should be optional if it’s going to be that extravagant. Asking them to split the cost of her wedding gown and pay for their own dinners?!! OP’s bestie can’t afford her dream wedding and so she’s diffusing some of the cost by demanding that her friends supplement it and it reflects super poorly on her."

"The fact that she can’t even afford her $2,000 wedding dress is a MASSIVE red flag that she is in way over her head money wise for this wedding," someone else wrote. $2,000 while a lot of money is generally on the lower to mid-end for a wedding dress."

"Also marrying someone after 6 months and forcing plans you made as a child... What's wrong with that spoiled brat? NTA, she needs to grow up and be realistic," another said.

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