Bride 'disgusted' after sister spills secret on wedding day: 'Ruined it'

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A bride has shared the moment her sister and maid of honour ruined her wedding day after spilling a major secret she had confided in her to the groom.

In an anonymous piece for 9Honey, the woman revealed she had slept with her new husband's cousin - who was also his best friend - before they started dating and it was something she regretted. He was married and had agreed to keep it a secret.

Wedding reception outside in the backyard. Bride and groom with a family dancing.
A bride has revealed how her sister 'ruined' her wedding day. Photo: Getty

She however had told her sister who she said she "trusted".

"I hadn’t cheated on Jamie* because we hadn’t started properly dating at that time, we were actually about two weeks away from meeting as Nick* introduced me to him. But after a work function when we’d both had a lot to drink, Nick and I hooked up," the woman explained.


In the lead up to the wedding, her sister was adamant she wanted to say a few words at the reception, and while her speech went swimmingly it was what she did afterwards that shocked the bride.

"Cherie* was about to sit down when she leaned over to Jamie and I saw her whisper something," she continued. "I could see Jamie go practically white and I had no idea what Cherie could have said to him. He looked at me and gave a look of horror."

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Her sister shared the secret with her husband after her speech. Photo: Getty

But it wasn't until after the wedding, when the newlyweds were alone in their hotel room that she asked him what was wrong.

He said, "Is it true that you slept with Nick just before we met?"

While the couple were able to talk things over ("for hours") and eventually decide to "push away the past and focus on our future", she says she is still mending her relationship with her sister.

"I dealt with her by sending her a long email saying how disgusted I was with her for ruining my special day and for making Jamie feel like rubbish on a day we’d both been looking forward to," she said.

"I am still trying to patch up my relationship with her; she did apologise and blamed alcohol for her indiscretion but it is difficult to forgive her."

*names were changed

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