Socialite's naked $45k wedding gown shocks: 'Beyond ridiculous'

A socialite has left viewers absolutely gobsmacked over her love of a very revealing wedding gown that came with more zeros in its price tag than material on the actual dress.

Appearing on TLC’s bridal fashion show Say Yes to the Dress, Kentucky socialite Tracy broke the bank looking for her ‘wow’ bridal gown, trying on a designer gown worth a jaw-dropping $32,000 USD, or $45,000 AUD.

Kentucky socialite in $45k Pnina Tornai gown
Socialite bride Tracy was blown away by the gown. Photo: TLC

The dress from designer bridal label Pnina Tornai is a completely sheer number from neck to waist, transforming into an opulent full tulle skirt as it travels down.

With crystal detailing across the front preserving the bride’s modesty, the dress is a classic example of the envelope-pushing nude bridal gown currently flooding the market to mixed reviews.

Shared to Facebook by the program, the gown sparked a very mixed reaction from fans of the show.

The naked wedding dress on Say Yes to the Dress
The Pnina Tornai gown had viewers shocked at it's staggering price tag. Photo: TLC

Viewers react to wedding gown

Many were horrified at the dress’s price-tag, calling the cost for the product ‘ridiculous’.

“What a tremendous waste,” one person wrote.

“That's beyond ridiculous,” another agreed.

“It’s too revealing for my taste,” was another’s comment.

Others argued that for her big day a bride should be allowed to spend what she wants, regardless of others ‘judgment’.

“That was stunning!!” one woman wrote. “Go for it!! My wedding didn’t cost that much but If you can afford it do it!!!”


“Looks fantastic on her,” another agreed.

Others weren’t convinced arguing the dress was more showbiz than wedding day.

“Regardless of how much it costs, it doesn’t look like a wedding dress,” one argued, joking that: “What happens in Vegas should stay there”.

“Proof right there that money doesn't necessarily buy you good taste,” another agreed. “Looks like a showgirl, not a bride.”

“That looks like a cabaret or Vegas showgirl dress, it doesn’t look like a wedding dress,” a third agreed, labelling the dress ‘tacky’.

The socialite ultimately went for a dress form the same designer which retailed for a more modest $8,500 (AUD$11,550)

It’s not the first gown to seriously divide opinion online.

Earlier this year a wedding gown bodysuit had onlookers seriously baffled and questioning how much skin is too much for a celebration with extended family and friends.

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