'Naked' sheer wedding dress trend divides opinion

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Weddings are notoriously contentious affairs.

From the seating plan to the flowers, to the dress, any and every detail of the big day has the power to soothe or scandalise your guests.

So when it comes to the dress it’s safe to say a lot can ride on your choice.

Will you go traditional in enveloping white?

Daring with a plunging neckline?

Classy with a bridal updo?

Or naked with a sheer gown?

Berta's design's leave little to the imagination. Photo: Instagram/ Berta

The latter is a trend making the rounds of late and raising a fair few eyebrows in the process.

Mainly coming from the floaty designs of New York-based fashion house Berta, the newest trend seems to stick firmly to the less is more mindset.

Bridal gowns completely sheer from neck to hem, embellished with strategically positioned lace designs are the brand’s specialty for the special day.

The most daring trend yet, these completely sheer dresses keep the thinnest of lace between you, and a wardrobe malfunction, and more than one observer has pointed out the daring looks may not be the most wedding-appropriate.

Considering family, friends and a foe or two are all going to be present it’s important to ask yourself seriously if you’re happy rocking this bad boy while your grandparents wait eagerly in the front row.

Could you sashay down the aisle in this slinky number? Photo: Instagram/ Bertabridal

If yes then all power to you.

If no, you’re not alone.

Dozens of onlookers have taken to the brand’s social media pages to argue the dresses are more wedding night than wedding day.

One was concerned a few of these dresses might slip right off. Photo: Instagram/ Berta

“The dress is falling off of her... literally,” one person wrote on a snap of one of the more plunging numbers.

“This looks more like underwear,” another pointed out.

“Would this work for the church?” one woman jokingly asked her friend, who responded, ‘I don’t think so.”

“What happened to class and elegance on a lady's wedding day?” bemoaned a traditionalist.

Others are obsessed with the label, and counteract the negativity with their praise for the designs.

“So beautiful,” more than one fan wrote.

“Elegantly beautiful,” another wrote.

“IM IN LOVE,” was one of the more enthusiastic reactions.

While debate over the dresses rages, it looks like several brides haven’t let that stop them from rocking the lacy looks themselves.

At least one woman, however, found the sheer look too much, rejecting a similar gown as far too sheer in a hilarious YouTube video.

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