Bride ditches dress for wedding 'bodysuit'

Rows of wedding dresses on display in a specialist wedding dress shop. A variety of colour tones and styles, fashionable lace and boned bodices.
A bride has chosen a slightly unconventional wedding dress. Photo: Getty

A bride’s unconventional choice of wedding dress has split opinions online, with some people calling the look “tacky”, while others defended it as an “amazing” choice for the occasion.

After sharing a video of her fitting to Facebook, the clip was eventually posted to a wedding shaming group by an unknown friend.

“This is her finished wedding dress. She had a beach wedding but that romper is a little too short,” the acquaintance said, adding a cringe emoji.

US bride wears bodysuit for beach wedding.
The bride, thought to be from the US, chose a one piece bodysuit. Photo: Facebook

The video shows the bride-to-be clearly very happy with her final outfit, posing for onlookers in the bridal shop.

The bodice is a bodysuit no bigger than a one-piece swimsuit, and leaves her legs exposed until a skirt is attached to the sides and back.

US bride wears bodysuit dress for beach wedding
A skirt is then added to the sides and the back. Photo: Facebook

Some people agreed with the person who shared the video, claiming the bodysuit was way too short.

“Gurrrl, you better get you some clothes on before your MIL and her family have an en masse hissy fit! That is just tacky,” was one person’s reaction.

“I love her confidence but the dress is a nope,” another said.

“It’s a no from me,” one agreed.

Plenty of other people however defended the bride’s choice, saying it was “cute”, “amazing” and “perfect for a beach wedding”, while also praising the bride for her body confidence.

“I wanted to hate it... I really did. But it’s kind of amazing,” one person admitted.

“It’s a beach wedding and she’s wearing an amazing bathing suit/wedding dress. If I had her confidence I’d wear it,” another agreed.

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