Body language expert reveals insights into Prince William and Kate's 'sexy' new wedding photo

The pair shared the photo in celebration of their 13th wedding anniversary.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are celebrating 13 years of marriage, with the pair releasing a previously unseen wedding photo for the occasion.

"13 years ago today!" they captioned the photo, which was taken by portrait photographer Millie Pilkington. It was the first post that featured Kate since she shared the shocking news last month that she is battling cancer.

Prince William and Kate Middleton in a previously unseen wedding photo
As Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrate 13 years of marriage, they have released a previously unseen wedding snap. Photo: Millie Pilkington via Instagram/princeandprincessofwales

In the photo, the newlyweds smile at the camera in a photo that body language expert Judi James has described as "sexy" and "intimate".

Speaking with The Sun, Judi said the photo was "slightly more relaxed" than other wedding photos taken of the couple and allowed her to see some "subtle but telling body language signals".


"William has allowed his signals of status and desire to protect Kate as she is inducted into the royal firm to drop gently here and as a result he wears the facial expression of an excited and delighted small child, one that we saw him wear so many times as he was growing up," she says. "This is a coy, bashful smile as he stands behind the woman he clearly loves and it is that slither of shyness that makes it an authentic look of love."

She continues, "William holds Kate around the hips to make her look like some precious prize or gift that he wants to hold onto, although there is also a sexier hint here from what is quite an intimate touch for a royal couple."

Prince William and Kate after their wedding ceremony. Photo: Getty
Prince William and Kate after their wedding ceremony. Photo: Getty

Royal fans were quick to praise the couple, with one user writing, "Happy anniversary William and Catherine 🥹 the beginning of one of the best partnerships the Royal family has ever seen!"

"Awww what a beautiful picture 😍❤️," another said. "Thank you for sharing it with us 🥰. Wishing you a very Happy 13th Wedding Anniversary and I hope you're having a beautiful day."

"Wishing you both the happiest of anniversaries & with hopes that Kate’s treatment is going well. Much love ❤️," a third wrote.


Many also pointed out that William changed from his red Irish Guard tunic into his black Irish Guard frock coat after the ceremony for the reception and photos, as his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, wanted him to wear the former for the wedding.

"I love that he got to wear what he wanted for pictures and respected his grandmother’s wishes for the public ceremony," one user wrote.

Others didn't like the fact the photo was in black and white, with some thinking it was bad news, "Don’t scare me like that 😭," one user wrote.

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