Block ‘villains’ slam Scott Cam over 'cheating scandal'

The Block 'villains' Sharon and Ankur have fiercely defended themselves after they were caught up in a 'cheating scandal'.

Last week the contestants were called out over a wine challenge, where couples were vying to win $50,000 worth of wines for their homes when they are completed.

As part of the challenge, couples had to replicate the taste of an expensive bottle of wine by mixing several bottles together.

However, Sharon and Ankur were called out when they Googled the wine to find out what ingredients they needed to add, winning them the challenge.

The contestants were not told they couldn't Google the wine, but the couple also claimed they had drunk the $250 bottle of wine regularly during lockdown.

Sharon and Ankur Google during a challenge in a winery.
Sharon and Ankur were caught up in a 'cheating' controversy when they Googled during the wine challenge. Source: Channel 9

The couple was however called out by host Scott Cam who on Wednesday announced a wine tasting challenge for the contestants. Ankur failed when he could not identify what was a red and what was a rose.

Following the wine challenge controversy, the couple hit out on Instagram and defended their strategy to Google what they needed to add to replicate the wine and win the challenge.

"There are absolutely no rules that we cannot use our phones or search the net/Google anything," they wrote.

"This part of the challenge required us to create a 2022 blend of the wine, which doesn’t exist. We took a chance and thought it couldn’t be too far off the 2015 blend, notes which were readily available. THAT was our strategy, and it worked."


In another post, the couple called out Scott and said he knew they had won with the help of Google and he told them it wasn't cheating.

"C'mon Scotty, don't be shy, we told you and the winemaker we had the tasting notes the whole time!" they wrote.

"A 'cheating scandal' needs to involve cheating, and you said it wasn't."

On her personal Instagram account, Sharon also posted a photo with a caption saying she had turned her comments off "because we don't feel like being threatened over a reality TV show".

"Cheers for the [villain edit] mates!" she wrote.

The Block stars slam show for 'villain' edit

The couple claims they have copped the villain edit a number of times, with the couple attacked by their builder Liam, who sent a lengthy text after the pair didn’t tell him they had won the guest bedroom reveal.

Last Monday, host Scott Cam told viewers that the builder was upset the couple had “left him out of everything to do with the build” while he had a week off.

“Not only did they not tell him the result, or offer a thanks or congratulations, but no heads up on which room they were starting this week,” the host said.

The former Neighbours star read out the scathing text from Liam in an interview, to make sure nothing was misinterpreted.

“I think irrespective of how you guys are feeling from a win, loss or otherwise, I deserve at least a text of the outcome and future week. All trades deserve a thank you for the week and efforts put in message,” she read.

Sharon and Ankur speak to Scott Cam in the home they are renovating.
Sharon and Ankur claimed Scott Cam knew they were Googling the wine during the challenge. Source: Channel 9

“For putting their lives on hold, for waiting to come with next to no notice, for making this work within their regular businesses, for some of us not seeing our families for days. The list of impacts goes on and a message of appreciation makes an impact.”

The couple revealed that the message came at 3.30am in the morning, with Sharon adding that there was no "hi or hello" at the beginning.

Sharon then shared a TikTok of her walking down the street to It’s Gonna Be Me by *NSYNC with text on top reading, “Guess who’s getting the ‘villain edit’ this week?”.

The pair then mouthed, ‘It’s gonna be me’, along with the song.

In the caption, the reality TV contestant added: “Exaggerated drama. Lack of context. Edits. If you don’t see lips moving, 101 it didn’t happen that way, ya heard.”

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