The Block star blindsided by rival's secret move: 'D***heads'

The Block star Sharon Johal has slammed a fellow contestant after she was disadvantaged by a sneaky move.

In an attempt to get ahead on bathroom week, the former Neighbours actress had plans to have her underfloor heating installed before any other contestant.

However, opponent Jenny bribed a tradie with a carton of Vodka Cruisers so her floor would be installed first.

While getting a morning coffee before jumping back into the hard work, fellow contestant Rachel asked Sharon if they had their underfloor heating booked in.

Sharon with a frustrated expression.
Sharon was frustrated her Block opponents cut the line. Source: Channel 9

"Ours was supposed to be first but some d***heads cut the line and now we're like second or third," she said. "D***heads as in our friends on the show, other contestants.

"I don't know how they do that, I called every day and I'm like, 'Are you sure we're first? Are you sure we're first?' ... And all of a sudden they're at someone else's house."

Jenny revealed they were third in the ranking but their tiler needed to get to work so she decided on a sneaky move to ensure they'd get ahead.


"Last night I called the underfloor heating guys and was like, 'What can I do for you so you can come earlier?' and he's like, 'You can buy me some Cruisers'."

Contestant Sarah-Jayne said, however, it was a smart move.

"She bribed them. She bribed them with a slab of Cruisers to come first at 6am," she said.

A slab of Vodka Cruisers.
The Vodka Cruisers in question. Source: Channel 9

"She's good ... Listen I respect the hustle and was like, 'Touché b**ch, touché', I'll be on the Cruisers next week."

The shot then cuts to Sharon again talking to Rachel at the coffee shop, clearly frustrated by the situation.

"I love everybody but there was a process and order," she said.

Jenny stars on The Block.
Jenny did what she could to make sure they got their underfloor heating installed first. Source: Channel 9

Couple mocked for rookie mistake

The latest Block drama comes after Sarah-Jayne and her husband Tom were mocked by tradies for a rookie mistake during their bedroom challenge.

After already spending two hours arguing over which room would make the best bedroom, with Sarah-Jane wanting to convert the living room with a fireplace into a bedroom while Tom opted for a more humble room in the house, the pair made a massive faux pas when it came to refurbishing their walls.

Plumber Tom and social worker Sarah-Jane were confident they were on top of their renovation before it all came crashing down.

"Our plasterers have gone bananas, they have gyprocked everything ... top-coated everything ready for sanding tomorrow morning," Tom told producers.

"I'm feeling good, we're feeling good," Sarah-Jane added.

Tom painting a wall on The Block.
Tom making the rookie error. Source: The Block

Tom said once the gyprockers left he told his wife to turn the heater on while he sealed the plaster with a primer.

The shot cut to Tom painting as he said, "I don't have to be neat now, so I can just slap it on it's all getting sanded off tomorrow anyway."

However Tom was painting unsanded gyprock, and the tradies were not impressed.

"The gyprockers walk in and they're like, 'What have you done to the walls, you don't put primer on until the gyprock has been sanded'," Sarah-Jane said.

It then cut to Sarah-Jane speaking to a tradie who said, "It's like putting your undies over the top of your pants, you've done it the wrong way round."

"Here we are getting ahead, we'll put the primer on and they were like we're going to have to redo it all," Sarah-Jane said.

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