The Block's Sharon takes brutal swipe at judge Shaynna Blaze

The Block star Sharon Johal was disappointed when Shaynna Blaze slated their bathroom recently and made a cheeky swipe at the judge on Wednesday night.

While Shaynna admitted the ‘quality’ of Sharon and Ankur’s bathroom was good, she said it ‘wasn’t a bathroom she feels good in’. The judge's main gripe was that the pair hadn't maintained the 1890s heritage feel.

L: Sharon Sohal and Ankur are interviewed on The Block. R: A close up of an antique in Sharon and Ankur's bathroom
The Block's Sharon has pointed out judge Shaynna's oversight. Photo: Ten

The former Neighbours star has now defended her styling, saying that Shaynna didn’t look closely enough at their bathroom.

“There were two things in that room from the 1890s, but Shaynna, who claims to ‘love antiques’, didn’t recognise any of them,” she told producers.

“That was always my game plan, to put antiques into my house wherever it was, knowing it was an 1890s build.”


While searching for antique decor for their guest room, Sharon made a quip about impressing Shaynna.

“I think I’ll write a note next to the pieces and say ‘Shaynna’, with a big arrow to say, this is an antique piece from the 1890s,” she announced.

“She’ll be your best friend after this,” Ankur shot back.

“She doesn’t watch the show, I’m sure,” she laughed.

After collecting her prized antiques, Sharon asked the owner to turn away any other contestants, saying: “Don’t let anyone else in! If anyone else comes from The Block, tell them you’re closed.”

Sharon Sohal looks at antiques on The Block
The Block's Sharon has pointed out judge Shaynna's oversight. Photo: Ten

The Block shuts down after ‘dangerous’ discovery

This comes after Tom and Sarah-Jane’s house was shut down due to asbestos.

The pair were demolishing their guest bedroom on Monday night’s episode and were nearly completed when Tom found the deadly substance.

“I literally had a small square left to smash, and I hit it with the sledgehammer and I found some asbestos underneath it.

"As soon as I saw it, I’m like: Oh god, here we go, more delays,” he lamented.

The contestants went straight to foremen Keith and Dan to report their discovery, and their house was shut down for the day. A team of experts later arrived at the house to remove the dangerous mineral.

L: Asbestos removal team in protective gear at The Block. R: Close up of the asbestos under the flooring
Tom and Sarah-Jane found asbestos in their house. Photo: Nine

“They shut our house down, and rightly so — asbestos is very dangerous,” Tom said.

House One put their tools down for the entire day, with the couple not knowing how long they’d be out of action.

While Sarah-Jane used her time wisely and worked on designing their kitchen, Tom didn’t know what to do. Tom made lots of ‘house calls’, fed horses some carrots and spent lots of time with the foremen.

After six hours, the foremen were satisfied that the asbestos had been removed, and House One was able to resume work.

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