The Block's Sharon slams show for 'villain' edit: 'Lack of context'

The Block star Sharon Johal has lashed out at the show's producers, claiming that she and her partner Ankur have been given the ‘villain edit’ this week.

The couple were attacked by their builder Liam, who sent the couple a lengthy text after the pair didn’t tell him they had won last week’s guest bedroom reveal.

L: The Block couple Sharon and Ankur reading out a text message from their builder. R: A screenshot of Sharon's TikTok which says 'Guess who's getting the 'villain edit' this week?'
The Block couple Sharon and Ankur are claiming they've received a 'villain edit'. Photo: Nine & TikTok/sharon_johal

On Monday night, host Scott Cam told viewers that the builder was upset the couple had “left him out of everything to do with the build” while he had a week off.

“Not only did they not tell him the result, or offer a thanks or congratulations, but no heads up on which room they were starting this week,” the host said.


The former Neighbours star read out the scathing text from Liam in an interview, to make sure nothing was misinterpreted.

“I think irrespective of how you guys are feeling from a win, loss or otherwise, I deserve at least a text of the outcome and future week. All trades deserve a thank you for the week and efforts put in message,” she read.

“For putting their lives on hold, for waiting to come with next to no notice, for making this work within their regular businesses, for some of us not seeing our families for days. The list of impacts goes on and a message of appreciation makes an impact.”

Sharon and Ankur on The Block being interviewed
The pair weren't pleased with their builder's scathing text. Photo: Nine

The couple revealed that the message came at 3.30am in the morning, with Sharon adding that there was no ‘hi, or hello’ at the beginning.

Now, Sharon has shared a video to TikTok claiming that the pair are being made to look bad by producers.

Walking down the street to It’s Gonna Be Me by *NSYNC with text on top reading, “Guess who’s getting the ‘villain edit’ this week?”, the pair mouth along to ‘it’s gonna be me’.

In the caption, the reality TV contestant added: “Exaggerated drama. Lack of context. Edits. If you don’t see lips moving, 101 it didn’t happen that way, ya heard.”

Her fans jumped to her defence, saying that the couple didn’t do anything wrong and reassuring the star that they still love her.

“Your bathroom needed a ten, don’t worry, fans still love you,” one wrote.

“Hopefully people realise by now that you can’t trust a reality show! And The Block is reality first, building second!” a second remarked.

Liam the builder on The Block wearing a high vis hoodie and white helmet
Some fans thought that the builder Liam was being 'too sensitive'. Photo: Nine

“You definitely aren’t in the wrong, your rooms are always the best,” another chimed in.

“He’s a bit sensitive if you’re asking me. You guys are not in the wrong,” added a fourth.

However, one fan didn’t believe Sharon and accused her of being rude.

“It’s okay, I’m a s**t painter too. But I say thanks to my tradies,” she wrote.

The pointed remark didn’t sit well with Sharon who was quick to reply, defending their actions on the show.

“We always did and do, that trade was on holiday. We got our results at 9pm, he messaged at 3.30am, we did not have a chance to call him yet,” she fired back.

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