The Block star's on-air breakdown: 'I want to leave'

One of the stars of The Block had a meltdown during Sunday night's episode saying she wanted to leave the show.

Sharon, who is doing the 12-week renovation with her husband Ankur, teetered on the edge of quitting after they came last in bathroom week and continued to struggle with the gruelling conditions of The Block.

The pair have faced a number of challenges already, with Sharon venting her frustrations during bathroom week after another couple bribed tradies with a slab of Vodka Cruisers to install their heated floor before Sharon and Ankur, who were originally the first couple to get it installed.

On Sunday, Sharon was candid while speaking about her feelings being on the show.

Sharon looking upset on The Block.
Sharon claimed she wanted to leave the show. Source: Channel 9

"I'm really not enjoying it, and I haven't enjoyed it," she said.

"This whole thing is so hectic. And then all I can see is like my future of like 10 more weeks or 11 more weeks of this.

"I used to be a really bubbly happy person, and then a week ago I came on The Block."

As the couple painted their bedroom, Sharon did not have one positive thing to say as she continued to spiral.


Ankur then said if she was having a "breakdown" then they should just leave.

"I want to leave," she exclaimed.

"No hot showers, there is no heating, mud, I do hate it here."

Ankur then said they were going to have to "figure it out" and Sharon said she didn't know how.

"I think we leave," he said.

"Like I actually hate it here," she responded.

Sharon painting a wall in her bedroom.
Sharon said her mood has changed since joining The Block. Source: Channel 9

Sharon added she didn't want to be "humiliated" again like bathroom week after working so hard on their bedroom.

“We’re both worried about how it’s going to make me feel, if we get negative feedback from the judges this week. That’s a rabbit hole I don’t want to go down … I don’t want to feel like that again,” she said.

However, judges praised them for their bedroom, announcing the couple was "back in the game".

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