The Block 'fans' declare war on each other: 'I'm done'

The Block Fans vs Faves stars have been through a lot already and we haven't even got through the first week.

Monday night's episode saw a divide as twins Luke and Josh and couple Tanya and Vito seemingly declared war on Kirsty and Jesse, following a clash over bedroom furniture.

The Blocks' Josh, Luke and Tanya on site
The 'fan' contestants on The Block, have declared war on each other after a minor argument over a bed. Photo: Nine

It came following Sunday night's clash between Luke and Josh and Kirsty and Jesse where the couple told the twins they're not allowed to use tradies to paint, which is the number one rule of The Block.

During Monday night's episode, Tanya and Vito scored the challenge house that the three teams had worked on to build three bedrooms the night earlier.


Another Block rule stipulates that whoever wins the challenge house gets to keep everything in it, including all the items the other teams had brought in.

However, Kirsty and Jesse tried to take the items from their winning room, resulting in a stand-off between the couples.

When Tanya realised Kirsty was taking things from the room, she requested they leave the bed.

Tanya arguing with Kirsty and Jesse over their bedroom furniture
Tanya had a stand-off with Kirsty and Jesse, with Tanya said she was keeping the bed from their bedroom as they'd won it with their house. Photo: Nine

"We’re keeping the bed, we’re keeping all three beds. We’re allowed to," Tanya said to a confused Kirsty.

"What do you mean you’re keeping our bed?" Kirsty questioned, unaware of the rule. "Hey, I’m cheering I don’t have to carry this f***ing bed over there."

Tanya then asked if they wanted to take their bedhead, calling it "cute as", to which Kirsty quickly responded, "Yeah, so you can have it then."

While it seemed as though the drama was over, Tanya continued telling the story, which seemed to become slightly more dramatic as time went on.

Telling producers she recalled the conversation, "It’s fine, but I said 'take the bedhead it’s really cute,' and Kirsty was like 'well if it’s so cute then you should keep it'.'

The Block rule book
The Block rule book says whoever wins the challenge house gets to keep everything inside. Photo: Nine

Then in a phone conversation, she was heard saying, "Our neighbours who we thought were our friends went into our room and started taking all their stuff.

"I said 'It’s a cute bedhead why don’t you take it' … and (Kirsty) turns around and goes 'well if it’s so gorgeous and cute you can have it'. So she’s the mean girl."

It escalated further when Tanya told Luke and Josh, who are already not too keen on Kirsty and Jesse.

"She came in and started taking their sh*t without even asking me," Tanya told the twins.

"They’re rude, real rude," they responded, with Tanya saying she's "done" with them.

"I’m done too, I’m done with them. They can f*** off," Luke agreed. "I’m off Kirsty and Jesse, I want them off my site. I don’t want to see them, they can stay on their site. But if they’re going to be rude, I’m done with it."

The Block continues tonight at 7:30pm on Nine.

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