The Block's Tanya to finally come clean about cheating scandal

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This year, The Block was rocked by its biggest cheating scandal when Tanya and Vito Guccione obtained a photo of the show's production schedule, which they used to their advantage to plan for future rooms.

Luke and Josh Packham also got involved after seeing the photo, and the two teams were docked two points, something fans thought was a light punishment.

Tanya and Vito with phone
In an explosive trailer for The Block's finale, Tanya comes clean over the cheating scandal that rocked the show this year. Photo: Nine

Now, in an explosive new trailer for this season's finale, it seems as though Tanya and the twins will reveal what actually happened behind the scenes.

The teaser, which aired on Tuesday, shows Tanya saying: "I've got to come forward and be honest and share my truth."


In another scene, Josh and Luke debate over whether they should tell their side of the story, with one asking: "You wanna do it?" and the other responding, "Yeah, I wanna tell the truth."

They are then seen sitting down for a piece to camera saying: "We know the truth and we feel now is the time to say it, this is what happened."

Tanya has always stated that she received the photo of the schedule from Scott Cam's office from a tradie.

Josh and Luke
Josh and Luke also decide to tell their side of the story. Photo: Nine

Many fans and other teams have always suspected she snuck into Scott's office and took the photo herself.

Ronnie and Georgia have been especially annoyed by the whole situation with the pair seeming to mend things with Tanya and Vito during their joint winter trip away, however, they were soon left annoyed all over again.

Tanya and Vita played outside the lines yet again after having their laundry installed by the team from Kinsman a week after they were meant to.

"We’re very grateful to Kinsman who came back just for us and put all the laundry in … but don’t tell anyone else," Tanya could be seen whispering to producers.

She later added how great it was they "haven't had to pay", despite the fact the laundry install had to be reshuffled as a result of the leaked production schedule scandal.

Tanya and Vito
Fans have been left annoyed after watching Tanya and Vito get away with numerous acts deemed as "cheating". Photo: Nine

All the teams were told that the Kinsman team had been booked in to install the laundries the week before - which was technically Living & Dining - because of the schedule change and if they weren't ready for them to do so, after that it would fall on them to pay the cost.

Georgia was fuming when she saw the Kinsman installers come out of Tanya and Vito's house.

"We were told (Kinsman) weren’t going to come back, which is why we had to hustle and get our laundries done last week," she told producers.

She's then seen heading off to find Keith, asking him: "Why are they installing Tanya and Vito’s laundry? You told us to hustle to get our laundry done."

Ronnie added to producers: "We had to share our win with these guys, but we finished off the laundry and they didn’t … So they had all that extra time to focus on the (living) room.

"What’s the point of having rules on The Block? … Here they are again, cheating."

Fans labelled the show a "complete joke" on social media after watching Tanya and Vito get away with cheating yet again.

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