The Block's Scott Cam roasts Josh and Luke: 'Lack tenacity'

The Block host Scott Cam has taken aim at controversial contestants Josh and Luke Packham after they went on an expletive rant in Sunday night's episode.

The twins lashed out at the judging panel for giving them one of the lowest scores in the history of the show for their garage, study and wine cellar reveals.

The Block Fans Vs Faves 2021 host Scott Cam. Photo: Channel Nine.
Host Scott Cam has hit back at Josh and Luke Packham. Photo: Channel Nine.

Twins' expletive-laden rant

Faced with the task of tackling four areas in as many days, Josh and Luke ended up leaving some rooms unfinished and covered in building debris and rubbish.

Needless to say, their efforts failed to impress the judges leading Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer to score them three out of ten, while Neale Whitaker went even lower with just two.

"It's completely disrespectful and they can go and get f***ed," was the twins' fiery response.

Later in the episode, Josh and Luke had a sarcastic message for Neale in retaliation for his harsh verdict.

"If Neale wants to try to complete four areas in a week I can give him the brush and see how he goes. He can come and paint, I'd love to watch and paint so until that day he can shut up," they said.


The Block Fans Vs Faves 2021 contestants Josh and Luke Packham. Photo: Channel Nine.
The twins were less than happy with the scores they received for their garage, study and wine cellar. Photo: Channel Nine.

'Keen on themselves'

Then, on Monday morning, host Scott took the opportunity to hit back at the Packhams during a chat on Nova's Fitzy & Wippa.

In his opinion, the twins' lack of 'time management skills' meant they weren't able to complete the task that other contestants have done in the past.

"I've seen people paint five or six spaces. I think the boys lack time management skills, they lack the tenacity to really knuckle down and you could see that last night," he said.

Scott went on to admit that he's tended to make excuses for Josh and Luke in the past due to their 'young age' — but not anymore, especially with the grand finale just episodes away.

"They're 27 years old! They're not young kids, they are men... so I don't know what you do," he said.

"They're pretty keen on themselves aren't they? Been pat on the back all their lives and they forget about putting in the hard yards maybe," he added.

Josh and Luke were involved in a long-running cheating scandal that saw a photo of the show's production schedule leaked among several contestants.

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