The Block's Mitch and Mark unleash on Tanya: 'Seriously?'

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The Block's Mitch and Mark have unleashed on Tanya after watching the new promo that shows she's finally going to come clean about the cheating scandal that rocked the show this year.

The scandal began when Tanya and Vito obtained a photo of the show's production schedule that allowed them to plan for future rooms.

The Block's Mitch and Mark
The Block's Mitch and Mark unleashed on Tanya after watching the new promo that shows she's finally going to come clean about the cheating scandal. Photo: Nine

Luke and Josh Packham also got involved after seeing the photo, and the two teams were docked two points. Fans were up in arms over the punishment, with many thinking it was too light.


In a new trailer for this season's finale, it seems as though Tanya and the twins will reveal what actually happened behind the scenes.

The teaser, which aired on Tuesday, shows Tanya saying: "I've got to come forward and be honest and share my truth."

Tanya and Vito
Tanya seemingly comes clean in the show's finale. Photo: Nine

However, Mitch and Mark seemingly have doubts over what Tanya will share during her confession.

"I think it's hilarious, but with the promo we were watching it like everyone else and when the promo came out we were like, 'Seriously? Oh my God!' because no one has ever confessed to us," they told Hit Queensland’s Breakfast with Cliffo & Gabi. "No one has ever told us so we can't wait."

They continued, "But also like is it going to be the truth? Or somebody's truth? My truth or your truth? Are we really going to hear?"

The Block contestants
The Block wraps up this Sunday with the auctions. Photo: Nine

The hosts joked, "If Donald Trump taught us anything, it's that facts are... malleable."

"How many people are supposed to have done that [sent Tanya the photo], a tradie sent it, then it wasn't a tradie and it was somebody else?" Mitch and Mark added. "I mean, my God!"

Gabi added that "the silver lining" would be if the boys won at the auction, they would have done it without any cheating or creating drama, unlike some of the others.

The boys then joked that they're all winners, before adding they really do hope to win the show.

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