Big W shoppers go wild for 'amazing' Burberry trench dupe: 'I need it'

The coat will save you a huge $4,345 with shoppers raving about the 'extra nice' design.

As we cosy up for jacket weather, it’s prime time to revamp your winter wardrobe. And luckily for those in search of the ultimate cool-girl look this season, Big W has just dropped a $45 trench coat that's giving major Burberry vibes, but without the major price tag.

This steal saves shoppers a whopping $4,345 on its pricier counterpart, while still delivering that effortlessly chic silhouette.

With its sleek and polished look, the trench transitions from casual day trips to chic evenings out as its neutral colour makes it effortlessly versatile. And let's not ignore the fact that it's a dead ringer for the much more expensive Burberry trench. *Add to cart*

Caption. Photo: Big W/Burberry
Big W's trench will set you back $45, while its Burberry counterpart retails for $4,390. Photo: Big W/Burberry

Big W's latest collection is already causing a stir among shoppers, who are eagerly grabbing the latest styles, and social media is buzzing with excitement over the new lineup.


"I’m glad you’re getting some extra nice designs," one shopper shared online, expressing their delight after years of what they described as "hit and miss" offerings.

Another shopper chimed in, praising the "amazing styles". While a third exclaimed: "I need to go back for that jacket!"

And there's more in store for this autumn/winter season at Big W. With a range of luxe-for-less options on offer, shoppers are psyched to elevate their style game without breaking the bank.

First up, the retailer has dropped a 1964 Denim Company Women's Organic Cotton Blend Short Skirt, priced at just $25. This skirt has a similar style and cut to a current AJE denim skirt, saving you a cool $270 while keeping you on trend.

Big W denim skirt (left) seems like a dupe for a similar Aje skirt (right).
The 1964 Denim Company skirt, priced at $25, is a great alternative to Aje's $295 skirt. Photo: Big W/Aje

And if skirts are your style but you're looking for a little more length, check out the Avella Women's Parachute Skirt in Sage Green, also priced at $25.

This skirt rivals the iconic Levi's cargo skirt, and offers a saving of $104.95 at the checkout.

Big W. Photo: Big W/Levi's
Big W's sage green skirt retails for $25, while the Levi's option will ring up at $129.95. Photo: Big W/Levi's

Fashion influencer Sneza Jovanovic recently showcased her top looks from Big W's latest drop, featuring the freshest styles straight off the shelves.

Her followers were quick to praise the collection, with one exclaiming, "Big W are killing it with the denim dresses!" and another declaring they'll be "Running to Big W!"

Caption. Photo:  Instagram/@mums_style_diary
Fashion blogger Sneza Jovanovic recently tried on a denim dress and cargo skirt from Big W, showcasing the latest looks for her followers. Photo: Instagram/@mums_style_diary

Indeed, the 1964 Denim Company Women's Short Sleeve Denim Dress in White, priced at $39, offers a steal with its clean lines and classic design, perfect for embracing the denim dress trend this year.

Big W also serves up double denim with the 1964 Denim Company Women's Organic Cotton Wide Sleeve Dress in Reef Wash, also priced at $39, offering savings of $121 compared to a similar look from pricier brand AERE.

"All of these outfits look amazing," shared one shopper on social media, while another described them as "so chic."

Big W's white denim dress (far left) and the JAG version (second from left) Big W's denim dress (third from left) and the AERE version (right).
Big W's white dress for $39 is a steal compared to JAG's $180 version, while their blue denim dress at the same price is a great alternative to AERE's $160 look. Photo: Big W/JAG/AERE

And if all this talk of shopping has tuckered you out, you're just in time for the $25 &me Women's Striped Satin Pyjama Set in Blue.

Big W striped satin pjs (left) and the Peter Alexander version (right).
Big W's striped satin pjs are similar in look to a Peter Alexander style, but not in price. Photo: Big W/Peter Alexander

This Big W set is giving major Peter Alexander vibes but comes at a fraction of the cost, saving you $104 while still offering that luxe bedtime feel.


With these designer dupe options, you can upgrade your wardrobe without needing to upgrade your credit limit. Who says you need to spend a fortune to look good?

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