Big W shopper spots $14 luxury dupe of $369 perfume: 'Smells almost identical'

The perfume is said to be a dead ringer for a luxury fragrance worth $369!

Who doesn't love treating themselves to a fresh new fancy fragrance, but forking out the extravagant price tag? Not so much. Well if you're ready to smell twice as good for a fraction of the price, you're in luck, as social media is abuzz with luxury perfume dupes right now, and this one is a goodie!

Popular TikToker Ness from @dessertaddictsanonymous has just dropped a bombshell that's sending scent-lovers flocking to discount retailer, Big W. There's a $14 dupe in town, and fans are hailing it as the closest likeness to a renowned luxury fragrance that'll set you back a whopping $369 for a similar size.

Caption Big W. Photo: Big W/Fragrancenet
The Big W dupe of $369 Baccarat Rouge 540 can be purchased for just $14. Photo: Big W/Fragrancenet

Ness posted her discovery with excitement, saying, "I have seen so many TikToks saying this perfume which costs $14 is a dupe of Baccarat Rouge," alongside footage of her find in the form of Big W's Red Baccara from her local store.

Luxury vs. dupe showdown

The bargain scent dupe is said to rival the iconic Baccarat Rouge 540. For those in the know, this luxurious fragrance has a reputation for literally stopping people in their tracks with its incredible bouquet – along with a price tag that could make your wallet cry. The high-end fragrance comes in three sizes; 35mL ($214), 70mL ($369) and 200mL will set you back a whopping $729.


The $14 alternative from Big W, Baccara Red (100ml), doesn't shy away from the competition; it boasts delicate notes of jasmine, delivering a floral yet fresh aroma that's strikingly similar to the original.

TikTok is sharing all the juicy details about this fragrance face-off, so if you've been longing for a luxurious perfume but don't want to break the bank, this $14 dupe might just be your ticket to smelling sweet without sending you skint.

Social media users are sharing their luxury perfume dupes on TikTok. Photos: TikTok/@dessertaddictsanonymous, @toree_marie
Social media users are sharing their luxury perfume dupes on TikTok. Photos: TikTok/@dessertaddictsanonymous, @toree_marie

More social media users joined the excitement over the budget beauty buy, with Tiktoker @toree_marie sharing a clip of her discovery of the dupe in her local.

"Found a Baccarat Rouge 540 dupe at my Big W," she captioned the clip, "They also had a Chanel Coco Mademoiselle dupe, which I purchased as well, and it smells almost identical to the original. Of course, I'd prefer to buy the proper brands, but for an affordable alternative (RRP $14), these aren't too bad!"

While many agree that the scent is a spot-on match for the original luxury fragrance, there's still some debate about its staying power post-spray.

"The smell doesn’t last sadly," one person said on social media, before adding, "That's to be expected for $10 I guess."

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