Sunrise's Monique Wright shares hilarious Christmas hack: 'Best idea'

Sunrise star Monique Wright has been sure to keep viewers entertained while she fills in for hosts Nat Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch over the holidays and she has been praised by fans for her latest antics.

In a video shared on the Sunrise Instagram page, Monique is seen with a large roll of Christmas wrapping paper.

"Mon getting her kids' presents ready for Christmas. Hope you have yours ready!" the caption said.

But instead of an array of presents to give her children, Monique suggests she should be enough for her kids.

She is seen in the video placing the wrapping paper on the ground in the Sunrise studio before laying in it and rolling herself up.

Monique Wright lays wrapping paper on the ground before rolling herself up in it.
Monique Wright jokes she is giving herself to her kids for Christmas. Source: Instagram/@sunriseon7

When she's completely covered she sticks her arms above her head and smiles at the camera.

Viewers lost it over the video, with one fan suggesting she needs her own TikTok page.

"You’re too bloody fabulous! Thanks for the lols," one commented.

"The gift that keeps on giving ... Mum’s are the best gifts in the world," a fan praised.

"You've got the best idea!!!" another claimed.

"Lucky children – getting a beautiful mum for Christmas," a viewer said.

Sunrise host 'caught out' in Christmas lie

Monique has a lot of making up to do to her children this Christmas after she was 'caught out' telling a lie live on-air.

Last month the star admitted on Brekky Central that she "hates Christmas" — but she didn’t realise her children would see the clip.

Earlier this month the presenter was reporting on Queen consort Camilla decorating a Christmas tree when she appeared to backflip on her earlier comment, telling Nat and Kochie that her house is currently full of Christmas decorations.

Monique Wright presenting Sunrise with a sheepish expression on her face.
Monique Wright was busted live on-air. Source: Sunrise

“I now have two Christmas trees because there was dissension in the house about whether we should have artificial trees or a real tree,” she began. “And because I am so in the Christmas spirit, we have both,” Monique added sarcastically.

Nat called her out on the lie, saying that Monique made her position on all things Christmas clear.

“Oh but I do [like Christmas], kids. I love Christmas,” Monique replied sheepishly.

Her mistake sent both Nat and Kochie into stitches, while Monique sat there looking uncomfortable.

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