Big Brother stars reveal hilarious unseen moment: 'It was disgusting'

Big Brother Royalty vs New Blood may be over, but there are still plenty of secrets that the housemates have from their time in the house.

Yahoo Lifestyle spoke to the top five housemates about what really went on in the house, and got some surprising answers — including a live performance of a very special song.

Big Brother finalists Taras, Reggie and Johnson smile in the diary room
Big Brother housemates have revealed even more secrets from the show. Photo: Seven

‘It was disgusting’

Brenton Parkes and Reggie Bird can’t help but laugh when they think about all of the pranks the housemates pulled on each other.

“We used to love sneaking up on Reggie or putting stuff in her bed, and she would get us back, she would put so much crap in our bed before we [would] go to sleep,” Brenton reveals.

“With Reggie, we would put dirt, pot plants, torches, we would put all sorts of stuff in her bed. She would just scream, it was hilarious,” he remembers.


Winner Reggie said that Brenton and Johnson Ashak wouldn’t stop riling her up by putting a particular pot plant in her bed.

“Brenton and Johnson, they bloody would put this pot plant in my bed, and they were playing tricks on me,” she spills.

“I went to get [the pot plant] out and they were in the bed. As I pulled the sheets back, they jumped up at me…it scared the crap out of me!”

Brenton said that the ‘Aussie battler’ wasn’t afraid to hit back, and tells us that she once put an entire plate of old bacon and eggs under Johnson’s pillow.

“He slept all night with all this food under [his pillow]. It was disgusting!” he says.

Aleisha and Taras share a laugh while getting prepared for a challenge
Aleisha and Taras stole ice cream behind the housemates' backs. Photo: Seven

The ice cream saga

While Taras Hrubyj-Piper completely lost it at Tully Smyth for having an extra drink, Aleisha Campbell admits that he wasn’t so innocent himself.

“Taras and I were starving one day, and this [ice cream] tub had just been sitting in the freezer for a week now…they were saving it for a special night,” she starts.

“Taras and I ran to the kitchen, stole it, ran outside and smashed down this ice cream [and] put it back in the freezer,” she laughs.

The fifth-placed housemate says that Estelle Landy, Tully and Reggie were upset, and tried to figure out who stole the ice cream.

“People were dusting fingerprints with flour, trying to figure out who did it, it was full on. We were psychos,” she says.

Reggie also remembers her own ice cream prank with Aleisha and tells us that the pair once mixed chilli in the chocolate topping.

“When they went to put it on their ice cream, it was hot! Burning their mouths, it was funny,” she laughs.

Tim Dormer smiles in the Big Brother house
Tim Dormer was a master strategist in the house. Photo: Seven

‘Tim-viction' song

Tim Dormer was one of the most entertaining housemates on Big Brother this year and managed to evade being evicted for a long time due to his strategic game.

The newbie housemates tell us that they were trying to get him out for weeks, and Brenton even composed a little song with dance moves for when that time came.

“I was going to sit up on the couch with Aleisha and Johnson by my side, and they were going to sing.

“We wanted to make a full dance routine in uniform,” he says.

Brenton, Johnson, Taras and Aleisha performed the song for Yahoo Lifestyle and it’s definitely entertaining.

“There’s something you need to know, about who’s next to go. He gets into your mind but he’s leaving you behind. He gets all nice and twirly with his hair that’s awful curly.

“We need you all to rise for the biggest game surprise, Tim-viction, Tim-viction,” they sing.

“I’ll have to plan a live performance or get some of those pants that you can just rip off real quick, and we’ll just be there in our budgie smugglers. I think they’d appreciate that,” Brenton jokes.

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