Big Brother's Aleisha points out Taras' big mistake: 'Downfall'

Big Brother Royalty vs New Blood has started finals week off with a bang, after strong player Aleisha Campbell was sent home on Sunday.

The 24-year-old found herself targeted by Australia’s sweetheart, Reggie Bird, who made a massive strategic move in the eleventh hour.

Big Brother housemates Aleisha and Taras pose for a photo
Big Brother's Aleisha Campbell was sent home on Sunday night. Photo: Seven

Aleisha revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle why she thinks Taras Hrubyj-Piper won’t win, how there’s never a ‘safe vote’ in this game, and explains her reasons for wanting a newbie to take out the crown.

Fans have been wondering why any of the newbies are considering taking any returning players to the end. The OGs have bigger fanbases than the newbies, and many fans of the show have a nostalgic connection with them.


While the past three evictions have been OGs: Estelle, Reggie (whose eviction was fake), and Tim, it seemed that the next logical target would be Reggie. Aleisha, personally, wouldn’t have taken Reggie to the end.

‘Taras will go next’

“I think Taras maybe thought that he would get points for bringing Reggie to the end, and that the Australian public would love that and maybe vote for him. But I don’t think that’s how it will go down,” she starts.

“I think the Australian public would vote for Reggie because as we say, she is so loveable, so likeable. And that would be the downfall to him probably winning.”

Aleisha and Johnson sit in the eviction chairs holding hands, looking solemn
It got tense in the eviction room after Aleisha was sent home. Photo: Seven

She explains that the housemates were in their own bubble, and Taras’ mistake could cost him the win.

“We’re so engulfed in the experience, this is your world in there. I just think about what’s happening in Big Brother. So I really think Taras wasn’t thinking about the public,” she says.

Fans were shocked at Aleisha’s eviction, after Taras yelled at Reggie for blindsiding him and sending Aleisha home.

Returning player Reggie even told Yahoo Lifestyle that she got so upset when this occurred, she wanted to leave the Big Brother house completely.

“I think that Taras will go next...and I think that the newbies, Johnson will be angry that I left, Reggie will probably be angry that he yelled at her," Aleisha says.

“I think he’s got a massive target on his back now,” she adds.

L: Aleisha, Johnson and Jaycee enter the house together. R: Aleisha and Johnson smile
Aleisha and Johnson entered the house together, and were known as strong allies. Photo: Seven

‘Gut feeling’

It wasn’t conveyed on the show just how close Aleisha and Taras were, as the star claims she was Taras’ ‘number one girl’.

After Taras had put Johnson Ashak up for eviction and was deciding who would be sitting next to him, Aleisha says she knew it would be her.

“He had mentioned it to me [earlier] in the day and said, ‘Leish, I think I’m gonna put you up. I just want to tell you, but trust me, I’ve got a plan and I’ve got your back.’

“And I was like, dude, no one’s safe in those chairs…there’s never such a thing as a safe vote,” she exclaims.

The Sydney-based entrepreneur admits she had a ‘gut feeling’ that she was going to be sent home, and she didn’t realise it was actually her own words that made Reggie decide to vote her out.

After she told Reggie during her scramble that she was here to win Big Brother, the returning player thought she’d be too much of a threat, and flipped on her.

Reggie Bird and Aleisha stand on the Big Brother set
Aleisha wasn't planning on taking Reggie to the end. Photo: Seven

‘A newbie deserves to win’

After she was evicted, the housemate says she was ‘shocked’.

“I came out and was just a bit like, ‘Whoa, did that actually happen?’. And then I was angry, I was like, hang on a minute, Taras said he had my back and then he didn’t.

“But at the end of the day, if I was going to lose to anybody sitting next to me, I’m so happy it was Johnson. I said to him, go and take this out,” Aleisha remembers.

The star says she was never planning to take any OGs to the end, and her final three would have been Johnson, Taras and herself.

“I think I would be doing the newbies a disservice if I didn’t take the newbies to the end. I think the Australian public would love to see [OGs at the end]. But I also think they’ve had their time.

“I think a newbie deserves to feel what it feels like to win, or to be up there at top three and have that same experience that the OGs were so fortunate to have.”

When asked who she wants to win, she doesn’t hesitate.

“I would love to see Johnson win. I personally think he played the game so hard. He deserves you know, a game player to win. But I think Reggie is gonna win. That’s my gut feeling.”

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