Big Brother's Drew slams original housemates: 'Annoyed'

The drama on Big Brother: Royalty vs New Blood has reached an all-time high, with an epic blindside sending returning player Anthony Drew home on Wednesday night.

Masterminded by strong newbie player Aleisha Campbell who forced a tie, Drew attempted to plead his case by offering a “Hail Mary” to the other housemates.

Big Brother housemate Drew smiles while getting ready for a challenge
Big Brother housemate Drew was evicted on Monday night. Photo: Seven

Saying he would “guarantee” himself to be nominated as a "squeeze vote" at any point, the housemate was desperate to stay in the house.

Drew was partly responsible for sending his ex Tully Smyth home on Monday, and she took great pleasure in seeing him squirm.

“Oh gosh! If only Drew had one more vote up his sleeve… gee, I wonder who could have helped him out there? Far out… to leave on a tie… that’s ROUGH. Poor thing,” she wrote on Twitter, noting that it was 'karma'.


The OG housemates have been cannibalising each other, with only three returning players left in the house: Reggie Bird, Estelle Landy and Tim Dormer.

However, Drew spilled to 7Entertainment that he wasn’t the biggest fan of the OGs, saying it “annoyed” him how they would spoil game surprises.

“There was so much constant complaining about how it wasn’t like the old days,” he said.

Three photos: Estelle Landy in a white top and brown cardi against a white background, Tim Dormer in a hat and tan top, and Reggie Bird, in a pink top and hair out.
There are only three returning players left in the house. Photo: Seven

Drew said that the original housemates didn’t embrace the new format, and would complain that they didn’t have to do certain tasks when they first played.

“Or they’d try to guess or spoil the surprises for the newbies that have never gone through things and…might not have expected twists, turns and how production sort of works,” he added. “So that was annoying.”

The original housemates enjoyed guessing what was coming up next, and Drew revealed that they had to reshoot some ‘excited’ housemate looks if the surprises had been spoiled.

In a post on Instagram after the show, he revealed that he won’t ever play the game again.

“It took a few tries but they finally got rid of me, not before taking a few out first. This time I promise, I won’t be back,” he wrote.

Sam and Drew sit on a Big Brother couch with some pink cushions, smiling at each other
Drew and Sam entered into a relationship in the house, but it didn't last. Photo: Seven

Drew’s relationship with Sam

The biggest talking point about this year’s Big Brother season revolved around Drew’s relationship with newbie housemate Sam Manovski.

The couple didn’t last once they left the house, with Sam telling Yahoo Lifestyle that the pair weren’t “compatible” and she missed all his “red flags” while she was in the house.

“Drew and I are not really speaking, he has a new partner and I have a new partner…we don’t have that friendship,” she said bluntly.

Earlier this month, So Dramatic obtained footage of Drew popping champagne with his rumoured new girlfriend Bianca when Sam was evicted. “It’s over,” he said, while Bianca replied, “Finally!” before laughing.

Sam had the last laugh, telling the podcast that she ‘dodged a bullet’ by breaking up with the star.

“He looks so pathetic right now popping champagne to help appease his new girlfriend’s insecurities. The reason we didn’t work is that I’m not toxic enough for him,” she said.

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