Big Brother's Jules reveals Drew's power over Tully: 'Under his thumb'

The Big Brother house had a shake up when two intruders entered during Panic Week, with the OGs and newbies desperately trying to coax Jules Rangiheuea and Brenton Parkes into their alliances.

However, Jules quickly found herself on the ‘back foot’ after being betrayed by the OGs, and was sent home on Wednesday evening after a shocking twist. She spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about why Anthony Drew’s power over Tully Smyth eliminated talks of a female alliance, and admits she was the reason Estelle Landy and Tim Dormer clashed.

Big Brother housemates Tully, Jules, Aleisha and Gabbie stand on the set before a challenge
Big Brother housemate Jules was evicted on Wednesday night. Photo: Seven

‘Under Drew’s thumb’

Tully recently posted on Instagram that viewers didn’t get to see their ‘girl power alliance’ and that she wanted to stop the ‘boys club’ from taking over. She wrote that the females left in the Big Brother house tried to keep the house full of ‘strong, powerful and intelligent women’. When asked about the all-girls alliance, Jules dismisses it immediately.

“Oh my god pigs are flying. Tully, I love that b**ch, but holy sh*t she was under Drew’s thumb the entire time,” she laughs.

“She didn’t make one decision based on her own head. I would have loved a girl’s alliance but it just wasn’t that easy. I’m so grateful for the bonds that we had…we had this mutual respect and understanding for each other,” she continues.


Tully has been outspoken about wanting to play her own game, but the podcast host acknowledges that it felt like the influencer couldn’t do that while Drew was still around. “I think she listens and tries to protect [Drew] far too much…I can’t see her outlasting Drew, which is a shame,” Jules says.

Noting that she believes Tully will be on the chopping block soon, she adds: “I really do love Tully, I wish I saw her truly play her own game like she keeps going on about.”

Drew and Tully are talking while in the Big Brother house
Drew had power over Tully, which impacted her ability to play the game. Photo: Seven

‘I just don’t trust Tim’

Over the past two weeks, viewers have watched Estelle and Tim go head-to-head, and the star has now admitted she’s the reason for the rift. Calling Estelle her ‘ride or die’, Jules says that she had some influence over the OG.

“They started fighting essentially, as soon as I came into the house…and I do think it was because I was a bit in Estelle’s ear like, ‘I dunno babe, I just don’t trust Tim',” she explains.

Her ‘cutthroat’ personality may have caused her demise, with the 28-year-old revealing that her distrust for Tim got on Reggie's nerves, and she found herself in the firing line.

Fans were shocked when the intruder started gunning for Reggie, saying that nobody could win against the ‘untouchable’ OG in the final. The housemate reveals that she was simply reacting to Reggie, who was trying to get rid of her first.

“[Getting Reggie out] 100 per cent was just a reaction. It’s kind of like, I was really clutching [at] straws,” she starts.

“I just planted the seed and said to everyone you know, if she gets to top three, you won’t have a chance. If I get to the top three, an intruder [has] never won.”

Left: Jules doing the second chance challenge, balancing. Right: Jules being unhappy with the challenge.
The star knew as soon as she saw the second chance challenge that she wasn't going to win. Photo: Seven

‘I get the message’

The housemate believes there is some interference from producers, and thinks it’s clear who they want to stay in the game. When the housemates arrived for the second chance challenge, Jules felt instantly that the producers didn’t want her to win.

“As soon as I walked down I thought, ‘You may as well just send me on the bus home now doll, because I can’t hold my body weight for sh*t’,” she remembers. “I thought, ‘Oh, I get it. I get who they want to stay. It’s okay, I get the message'."

The challenge involved the housemates having to put their feet in stirrups, while holding themselves up in the air. Both Jules and Drew were unable to put their feet firmly in the stirrups because their feet were too large, resulting in Estelle winning the challenge.

Having worked in the media, she wants to be clear she ‘understands’ that there’s likely to be some producer interference when it comes to reality TV and even ‘respects’ it.

“There is [some influence], and that’s not me being scandalous. I think the viewers can definitely see that as well. You know, people are just kept in a room and get to be brought back with no side effects, no nothing. And it happens quite a lot through the season for people who are getting a lot of airtime,” she says.

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