Big Brother's Sam admits Drew broke her trust: 'I got played'

Sam Monovoski and Anthony Drew have found themselves surrounded by gossip and drama on Big Brother: Royalty vs New Blood, after entering into a relationship in the house, blindsiding Drew’s ex Tully Smyth.

On Monday night, Sam was sent packing after a tense eviction ceremony where votes were split between the star-crossed lovers. Sam spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about how Drew may have been ‘using her’, what she regrets most about her time in the house and confesses the pair don’t ‘really speak’ anymore.

Big Brother housemates Sam, in black, Drew in a black jacket and white t shirt, and Aleisha in a light dress sit in the eviction chairs
Sam was evicted from the Big Brother house on Monday. Photo: Seven

‘I got played’

Viewers watched as Drew made a bombshell pact with Joel Notley, agreeing that they would both vote each other’s girlfriends out when necessary. When Sam was presented with this information, she admits that she was wearing ‘rose coloured glasses’ and refused to believe Drew could turn on her. Drew swore to Sam that the pact was about getting rid of the OGs, rather than their girlfriends.

“I found out that [Drew's explanation] wasn’t true when I watched it [on TV]. I didn’t see it in the house. It was very easy for me to believe Drew with those beautiful blue eyes and that gorgeous smile,” she shares.

“There’s two sides to Drew, there was the game Drew and then there was the Drew that I got to experience. Unfortunately he was playing a game, and I got played.”


Even after watching the drama unfold on the show, Sam still finds herself wanting to believe her ex-boyfriend. “There is a part of me that’s in denial and wants to believe that you know, [the pact] was about the OGs, and then there’s a part of me that’s just like, smacking me across the face and telling me to wake up and see him for who he is,” she explains.

“I don’t know if he was using me, but if he did, that was very well played,” she adds.

Sam and Drew kiss in the Big Brother house
The pair were known for their public displays of affection. Photo: Seven

‘I wish I voted for Drew’

Sam doesn't have many regrets from her time in the Big Brother house, saying that she faced so many fears and is proud of herself. However, she does wish that she voted her then-boyfriend out in her final eviction ceremony.

“I thought about putting my vote on [Drew], imagine that as a plot twist! And now looking back, I wish I did,” she laughs.

“That would have been the ultimate rise up. If I had known about the pact and seen the footage, 100 per cent I would have voted him out. Definitely,” she says.

The star mentions that she was ‘shocked’ but also ‘relieved’ when she was evicted, saying the moment was extremely ‘bittersweet’.

“I would have been sad if Drew left because he was my rock. In hindsight, I would have loved it if he left and I stayed,” she admits.

Sam and Drew smile at each other while relaxing on a couch in the Big Brother house
Sam admits that she neglected other relationships in the house to focus on Drew. Photo: Seven

‘Not really speaking’

While the couple did try and make things work after the show, Sam says that the pair ‘don’t really speak’ now and reveals they’ve both moved on.

“He has a new partner and I have a new partner. We don’t have that friendship,” she says.

When the couple got to know each other outside the house, their love story came to an abrupt end after just a month of dating. Sam says that she began to notice some “red flags” around their compatibility, claiming that the pair were just too different.

Fans will be interested to know that while Sam neglected other relationships in the house to focus on Drew, she has now made amends with Tim Dormer and other housemates.

“I have such an incredible friendship with so many other people and I may not have that if I played hard with them,” she says.

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