Big Brother's Trevor shocked by housemate's brutal betrayal: 'Idiot'

Big Brother: Royalty vs New Blood has been straightforward so far, with the 'royalty' or OGs presenting a united front against the newbies in the house, until tonight’s bombshell episode.

On Monday night, fan favourite Trevor Butler was taken aback when his close friend and fellow OG Dave Graham nominated him for eviction. He talked to Yahoo Lifestyle about why he thinks Dave was a ‘bloody idiot’, what happened after Sam's fake eviction, and why he was determined to go home.

Trevor, Gabbie and Aleisha sitting in the eviction seats of the Big Brother house.
Trevor was evicted from the Big Brother house for the first time ever. Photo: Seven

All the newbies dropped out of Monday’s nomination challenge, leaving Tim Dormer and Dave to battle it out. The housemates couldn’t hear their discussion, but Dave floated the idea of nominating two newbies and one of the intruders, Brenton Parkes. In a strategic move that would backfire spectacularly, Tim convinced Dave to save Brenton and then dropped out of the challenge.

Trevor’s shock nomination

Dave dropped a bombshell with his nomination choices: Aleisha Campbell, Gabbie Keevill and Trevor, who he 'respects most in the house'. Dave believed that his friend was too well-loved in the house to be evicted, a gamble that didn’t pay off.


Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Trevor describes the moment he knew he was in trouble: “I was really surprised. [Dave] was sitting on the couch and he goes, ‘Are you ready?’ And I looked at him and I went, ‘Oh, you bloody idiot. Why the hell did you put me up?’”.

“You had the perfect chance to put Brenton up there. He’s only new and we didn’t really have any connection with him,” he explains.

The previous Big Brother winner had no idea that Tim was behind the move, but laughs when he finds out. “I was just taken aback. It just seems weird, because I had their backs. So for a move like that, and for Dave to do that as well was just silly. He should’ve gone with his gut.”

On the left, Big Brother Estelle crying, on the right Dave puts his hands over his mouth in shock.
There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Trevor was sent packing. Photo: Seven

It looked like Dave heavily regretted the move as soon as he realised Trevor wasn’t ‘safe’, but the star says he doesn’t blame the farmer for listening to Tim.

“He listened to Tim, but that’s [also] what I was doing. I was listening to Tim because he’s very strategic,” he says.

Sam’s fake eviction

Tensions in the house were already high with Sam Monovoski being evicted last week, but being saved instantly. Returning player Anthony Drew was furious with the ‘OGs’ for turning on his girlfriend.

Trevor isn’t sure if the eviction was always meant to be ‘fake’, and says that he isn’t sure that Estelle would have been given the same opportunity.

“Why did they evict Sam and then bring her back?” he starts.

“I was a bit confused, would [they] have done the same thing with Estelle? It was a bit shocking, I think. I was taken aback by it all, I just didn’t know what was going on. I’m pretty sure they had an idea of why they kept Sam in,” he explains.

He hints that it may have been because the ‘OGs’ were so dominant so far, with three newbies gone, or perhaps producers wanted to keep Drew and Sam’s love story alive. Whatever the reason was, it certainly added to the growing divide between the two groups.

Reggie and Dave are pictured looking upset on the Big Brother set after Trevor goes home
The OG alliance now has less power in the house, with Sam back and Trevor gone. Photo: Seven

Trevor was determined to leave

The star reveals that he was actually very close to Gabbie and Aleisha as he was ‘looking after’ the pair in the house. After the nominations were announced, the three housemates were shown talking in the hallway and the girls were absolutely distraught.

Trevor remembers the moment well, saying: “[Aleisha] was like, ‘I don’t know what to do’, and I said, ‘You know exactly what to do. You vote me, and Gabbie, you vote me.'

“Gabbie was like, ‘I’m not doing that.’ It was like a bloody, spoilt little kid. And I had to tell her so many times, 'Just vote me or you’re not going to stay in the house'. I told Aleisha, ‘Just go around and get me out of the house. It’s the only way you’re gonna win.’” he says.

On the left, Aleisha, Trevor and Gabbie hug while crying, on the right, Trevor talks to Aleisha. Caption reads: I don't want to put my vote on you.
Trevor told Gabbie and Aleisha to vote for him in an emotional moment. Photo: Seven

He was so set on going home that he even asked Big Brother if he could vote for himself, but was told no. Trevor reveals that if Aleisha had been evicted, he would have volunteered to go in her place.

“If Aleisha was going to go, I had it in my head that I’ll just step up and go. Thanks, I’ll just leave, my bags are all packed anyway.

“They’re two young girls, Gab and Aleisha, and it’s their first time you know, being in the Big Brother house. I’ve had my time, so I was like, I’ll jump on the sword,” he reasons.

The one thing that Trevor is disappointed about is the lack of airtime for his ‘strong friendships’ with his fellow housemates. He thinks that the new format means you miss out on seeing different personalities shine, with people putting too much focus on strategy instead of what Big Brother is meant to be about. He says that the vibe in the house was really lovely, and that it felt like they were ‘family’.

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