$15 Kmart heater shoppers are raving about: ‘Best bang for buck’

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A $15 Kmart heater has been picking up rave reviews for its bargain price tag.

With winter well and truly here, Aussies are taking advantage of End of Financial Year and Mid Year sales to stock up on winter warmers, with heaters, UGGs, Oodies, and weighted blankets high on shoppers’ lists. But for just $15 each, these Kmart fan heaters have picked up a cult following without even being on sale.

boxes of Kmart fan heaters
This $15 Kmart fan heater is getting rave reviews. Photo: Facebook

An Aussie woman posted about them in a Kmart Facebook group this week, asking members if they’d rate the low-cost item and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

“I have them in the bathroom, work so well I only need a few minutes,” one person commented, while another said, “I have this in my office and it turns it into a sauna.”


“Perfect for quickly heating up a small room,” “We have one for the bathroom. It’s great!”, “Love mine,” and “We are using one in our tent for camping right now. Dogs love it,” were some of the other responses.

Meanwhile a reviewer on the Kmart website described it as, “the best bang for your buck heater out there, but don't think it’s going to do a large room”.

And another noted: “There is no tripping button. I bought it to use for drying my clothes and it works perfectly but there is no overheating trip option that will auto turn it off after reaching a certain heat limit. So can’t use it in the room overnight. But is good for the purpose”.

Small fan heaters are great for injecting heat into small, enclosed spaces like bathrooms, home offices or small bedrooms, but they aren’t great for extended use and shouldn’t be left on unattended.

fan heater from Kogan
This similarly sized fan heater from Kogan is priced at $40 but it oscillates. Photo: Kogan

They also chew through your electricity bill, with many people warning that they’re also “good at sucking up heaps of electricity”.

The other limitation for this particular fan heater is that it doesn’t oscillate, but there are other options on the market for under $50 that do, like this $40 model from Kogan.

Meanwhile, for larger spaces, an oil heater is better suited for the job unless you’re looking at something like the Dyson Hot and Cool fan heater which is powerful enough to take on a living room.

Another small space cult buy

In the UK, this tiny plug in fan heater was a bestseller on Amazon over winter, with shoppers saying it’s perfect for heating small spaces and you can set the temperature to anything between 15°C and 30°C.

plug in heater
This tiny plug-in fan heater really packs a punch. Photo: Amazon

It also has two fan settings and a built-in thermostat that regulates the temperature around the device to help to maintain the perfect level of heat.

How it works

While you can buy it in Australia for $37, you’ll also need a power adaptor to use it as it’s a UK model. 

It’s also important to note that Amazon Prime Day is coming up on June 21 and 22, so this little guy may be reduced as part of that sales event.

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